Impact Reagent

I was thinking about buying an impact reagent and i was wondering if it’s worth it. I was also wondering if renegrade juggling is the only place in north america where you can buy impact.:slight_smile:

Whether it’s worth it or not depends on what kind of riding you do and what frame you currently have. If you already have an aluminum frame it might not be much different, but if you have a steel frame it might make a bigger difference.

Thanks. I don’t think I gave enough info in my first post. Right now i have a nimbus muni and just a 20’’ steel flatland. I’ve definitely grown out of my free style because my cranks and hub are starting to bend. I can hop about two and a half feet and do most beginner flat tricks like 360 unispins, crankflips, hickflips etc.

Definitely buy one if thats the case.

I have a Reagent, and I love it. Thing is a tank, and will be a great upgrade from your current 20". Impact, IMHO, makes the best 20’s around. I got mine from Renegade Juggling, and they were super helpful and shipped really quick. I’ll definitely order from them again.

You can also order from, but it’s more expensive if you are in the States.

One thing, if you don’t need the square crown of the Regeant for tricks, I’d pick up a Gravity instead. The Regeant’s crown tends to knock your legs when jumping, which doesn’t feel all that good. Just fyi.

For some reason I thought you were buying just a frame. The Reagent will be a huge step up from your current unicycle!

sweet thanks, I think I’m going to buy one now :slight_smile: