Impact or kris holm or koxx for trials

Im wanting to buy a trails 20invh uni. I have a torker lx pro but I need something better for trials. What do y’all think? Or any other suggestions or any used for sale.

I love my XTP Fluo (Koxx). Of course if you have the money and are willing to spend it then you can’t go wrong with a KH or any of those for that matter.

Well I do but I dont want to spend the money. I was thinking on building one. Us the impact wheel and hub good? And the try all stiky lite tire?

The impact wheelset seems to be not too good, i heard from alot of people destroying the rim pretty fast…Try all light in my opinion is the best trials tire on the market :slight_smile: but keep in mind, building a uni is more expensive than buying a complete one most of the time…

Not necessarily - there’s hardly anything in it if you buy from UDC UK, and if you build the wheel yourself it actually works out cheaper. It also works out cheaper if you don’t like all of the parts of an off the shelf one (eg the saddle) and feel the need to change something.