Impact or KH? Need help fast!

Okay so im in a tight squeez and i have 24 hours to choose! It’s about impact vs. KH! my dad is in america and he has tom at renegade sitting on an order waiting to ship it out and thats why i have a small amount of time!
btw i posted a small thing on fb asking: write below impact or KH (what you prefer)
“Heres the thing i can get a KH longneck and i already have two cut seatposts for the kh longneck. but if get the gravity (which is on sale for $129) then i need a new seatpost. (Probably pf3 or new KH) I would get a regular impact hub for my rim (which is a try-all drilled or a street try-all) or a exceed which are bit hard to get! But i can order a KH ti hub thats like three states away thats cheaper than the exceed.”

I have light cranks btw so i don’t need any new cranks!
I’m already getting a try-all light, impact saddle, and another pair of lights (cause they were on sale). I just need to cancel the gravity frame if i get the KH longneck!
Thanks for the help guys! :o

I’m gona say KH long neck because that what I’ve been riding for about a year now and love it, and I can’t comment on the impact frame because I’ve never ridden one

KH Longneck all the way. :smiley:

Well I already said it… ^^
buy a impact frame, KH and impact are the same weight I think,
but impact looks nicer, better for trials(round crown) and feels (for me and my friends) much better than a KH ;p it rides smoother =)
Ofcourse it will be more expensive (I just saw that you will need to buy a new seatpost…)

Than I would take the Pith Fighter 3, I had a pith fighter 2, rode with it more than 6-7 months! after that I bought a KH seatpost, broke it in 1-2moths (and than I ± got my new uni with pith fighter 3) wich is probably stronger than the 2 =D
And the good part is, I don’t really have to be scary to brake my seatpost with a pith fighter (while I always took a spare seatpost with me, when I had the KH) :slight_smile:

well that my oppinion again ^^
you chose were you want to give you money to…
KH and Impact have both awesome product, I just prefer the one more than the other :smiley:

isn’t it pit fighter? :smiley: anyways thnaks for the comments but i just cant get a exceed hub anywhere and i like my longneck so far so i might not get a frame or just wait. That way i save money on a seat post (i have a pit fighter 2 and it is awesome) and a frame. I’m still getting a try-all sticky light and a impact saddle plus the kh ti moment hub! I’m still wondering about weather or not to put it on my neon yllow 36 try-hole rim or my neon green kh rim???
wudda ya think guys?

I think both rims are nearly the same but the KH is a little bit stronger because of the offside spoke holes.
Good choice with the longneck I prefer longneck also and dont like that the impact limits your tricks because you cant put your food on the frame.

IMO the KH longnecks look amazing

Lutz is right - go for the KH - you will be hungry with the Impact :wink:

For pure trials go for the impact. Plus it’s like half the cost of the KH right? Your knees will thank you.

IMPACT.Looks nicer,its round and everyone hads blue frames these days and its getting hard to look at them all

no offense but i fell as though the hitting your knees thing is kinda crap cause i only hit my shins there and my knees at the upper part of the neck which will happen with any setup
no tall person knees can bend that abnormally to hit the crown like that. its just my opinion though