IMPACT : new trial crank EIFFEL TOWER !!!!

Hello All

It just come out,
The new trial crank by IMPACT !!!

316g only for the pair of cranks
in 7075 aloy
with ISIS standard
size 140mm of course
with Steel insert for pedals threading
and CNC machining to optimise weight at maximum

If you want to buy some, and already sell it! :wink:

Here are for information some weight comparative between different ISIS cranks of the market that has realised on his blog :

nice cranks - but someone needs to check his numbers - roland measured a weight of 325 and Impact measured 316. Be it this of that - they are still light.

Will these cranks be made in longer lengths for muni, road, etc…?

I need some 165’s please :slight_smile:

Which version of the cranks will be the release model then? Am I right in guessing the one in the first pic is the prototype?

The steel insert is different on the two pictures, which is pretty important.

i guess the first pic is not a photo but a snapshot of the software he’s using to design the parts, so that’s probably why it doesn’t looks the same

You are right Bobousse!


Wow, the first picture looks so real when I glanced over it I thought they were real cranks!

i’m testing this cranks since 3/4 year and it’s really really strong and ligth!!!
for me it with big difference the best cranks ever! :slight_smile:

From the outside those cranks look nice!

But upon further inspection, and being reminded of the old Echo SL cranks with drilled holes… I hope Impact are as careful as Echo:

That chunky machined out inner bit by the ISIS spline looks vulnerable. Yep, only time can tell but I do know for a fact that someone has wrecked a pair of these.

I’d still run these cranks if I ever ran ISIS, but I’m not a basher and throw myself off the highest walls recklessly :smiley:

Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone reported back having either tweaked or cracked the crank between the spline section and that large machined inner bit.

I’m all for product innovation and just want to see components improve in every way possible. I sense these cranks’ll sell well largely due to gimmick. I’m sold on the looks myself I’ll confess.

Any idea on when these are going to be available in the US?

i dont think impact has any US vendors so you may have to pay overseas shipping if you really want these.

Renegade Juggling, last I checked. Idk if they have or will have those new cranks though.

I think you mean months cause i doubt impact cranks came out before the company started :wink:

Seems like he means three quarters of the year.

hahah your right im such a retard lol

We know…:stuck_out_tongue:

All they have are the frames and the black seat

These have been out for a while now. Can anyone comment on how well they hold up?

I know a few guys who have bended them a bit, and they are not any kind of big guys… As well I know they don’t really hold that good… But I don’t them myself so can’t really tell you how much they can take…