Impact Naomi for distance/muni?

I continue my search to find a saddle more comfortable than my Nimbus Gel (I have now found other people commenting on it feeling wide, so not just me). I’ve seen some comments on the Naomi being more minimalist, and a bit more like a bike saddle. However it seems to be sold as a street/trials saddle, so the question is how is it for distance/muni? I should point out that I love hard minimalist saddles on a bike.

It’s the best long distance/ XC Muni saddle out there :slight_smile:

I’ve done 110km rides on it- no problems with saddle soreness whatsoever.

It’s more like a bike seat, rather than an overstuffed horse saddle, which most unicycle seats are modeled on.

is it narrower?

No. Just thinner in height.

How does it compare to the KH slim. I have been thinking about trying that, but maybe the Naomi is better?

I haven’t done any rides on the KH slim, but the Naomi looks slightly thinner.

The KH Slim looks pretty good- and will allow you to use a KH T-Bar.

i love the noemi for muni. i ride it with a axel fiberglass plate and also with the kh T bar. also on turtle’s V i changed from the race bike saddle to the noemi to ad more control. sure for distance it could be a little narrower in the front, but i also think for me with the fivreglass plates it’s the best saddle.

It feels entirely different than the KH Slim. Not quite sure how to describe the differences, but if you want a thin saddle for distance, I would choose the naomi. For flat/trials, you could go with either one.

I may get one to try on my street unicycle

I’ve used the naomi on my freestyle uni (that i rode a fair bit for work in the last 2 years). I like it for that but wouldn’t use it for long distance muni. The low profile is nice but it is too curved, and it has no relief channel.

I’ve been experimenting with a custom KH slim saddle for the last 6 months with a fair bit of success. I’ll post a write up of it with some pics soon.


If you want a narrower saddle, all you need to do is trim the foam on your existing seat. In the case of a Nimbus, you’ll need to either restaple the cover or get a replacement cover.

As to covers, since KH seats are now sold with a cloth cover that stretches, I didn’t notice until recently that the older vinyl covers are better able to compress the foam and make the saddle fit narrower. Not only does the vinyl cover compress the foam, but the vinyl cover keepsthe foam squishing out the sides and making the seat wider.

So order an old style KH cover (might find one on sale), then sculpt the foam on the edges at the waist, cutting little by little using a small serrated knife, you can even make a channel if you wanna get fancy, just make a ‘v’ wedge in yhe middle third. Install the new cover and you’re done.

I have a modified naomi impact (groove+flattened)
So a T-bar wont fit it?? I’m guessing i need some kh saddle?
or would a nimbus shadow+ naomi impact work together?

Not without a bit of work, as it has the old style base with bolts instead of nuts. The supplied bolts aren’t long enough to fit through the reinforcing plate and the T-bar attachment (I don’t think they’re long enough for just one, let alone both). I think the same issue would apply with a Nimbus shadow. Oh and the reinforcement plate supplied with the T-bar won’t fit even if you have long enough bolts.

I’ve actually got a T-bar on my (flattened) old style base though. I fitted some longer bolts - though it took quite a bit of work cutting them all to the right length - and hand-made myself a custom alu reinforcing plate (using a saw and hand files). I have some pictures - have been meaning to make a post in “current projects” thread.

I’ve a Naomi on my cheap eBay special 24" (Had to replace the saddle as it snapped in half!! and got one of those on-offer Naomi’s from UDCUK), this thread’s got me thinking, I might swap it onto my 29er and try it! :smiley: