Impact/ K1 set up

Hey I’m looking to buy a Custom impact/koxx one uni from renegade and I was wondering what set up would you guys recomend? (cheaper the better)

I know the impact frame is a must but is the wheel?

Would you guys think i should spend the extra $ to upgrade from the k1 street cranks to the impact?

Here’s the set up I’m looking at

red/black k1 seat
pitfighter seatpost
k1 clamp
black impact reagant frame
black new style k1 wheelset and hub
k1 street cranks (or impacts?)
try all tire and plastic pedals

I plan on doing some good street, you guys think this is a good set up?

Are the k1 streets durable?

Thanks in advance!

ive just changed my cranks from the impact one,i changed them because i kept hitting my ankle when doing tricks.the impact have minimal q factor

the build quality of the cranks is fantastic,i would have kept using them if they had more q factor.

will the impact cranks work with the K1,i thought the isis splines are different,correct me if im wrong.

Look if you are doing street/big street the DO NOT but the new K1 wheel set! I bent mine with a few months! It is really not worth it! I would get a cool regular K1 Rim and hub on Impact but not the new K1! How heavy are you?

I’m about 170

i can get a good deal on a 2008 kh double crown, what do you guys think if that for street and flat? Does the crown get in the way? Can it be removed?

The only way to remove it is by sawing it off. I have one but I think it’s only good if your good unicycling. Personally I would not but it if you were a beginner. But seriously don’t get the new K1 wheel set!

Ah… I’m almost positive the new style rims are stronger than the older ones.

Bull, they’re thirty two spokes instead of 36 and the holes are huge! The only advantage is that they are a little bit lighter. :slight_smile: But I know not many people like to use them and idk if K1 will manufacture them for much longer too.

They aren’t all 32 spoke, right?

Well they made a new street rim too. But the only other new rim that I have used and seen is the 32 hole one

I was not talking about the 32 hole ones. Those obviously are not as strong.

edit: And K1 does not manufacture them (only the hubs). K-124 does for bike trial rims, which are recommended for comp use only I think.

well they did before or else it was K-124 ones