Impact Gravity

I’m looking into buying a Gravity unicycle, and just wondered if they’re are strong/durable as a KH20? Figured where better to ask!

Impact Gravitys are incredible. Verry strong and SUPER light. I, personally, would take it over a KH. The big problems with it though are that you can’t do any “frame tricks” due to the frame shape, and I also know that Colby has snaped a gravity frame. (But that’s Colby on a massive stair set) :wink:
Over all a GREAT uni, wel worth the money, and stylish. BUT, no foot room on the frame (if you’re into that kind of riding), and if you’re Colby the frame isn’t guaranteed to last.
Hope this helps.

really good frame :wink:
strong, light, nice shape,… and I rides really smooth :slight_smile:

  • the round crown is really wide… so 1foot coasting is possible on it (when it doesn’t rain;))

I’ve got a gravity to, but I like my KH better. But for street it’s a real good one. for flat, should I take the KH.:slight_smile:

I was watching one of your YouTube videos when i posted the question! I’ll mainly be riding trials/street, nothing against flatland, just not my style. I’ve ridden a KH a few times, loved it, the only problem was my knee kept finding the frame… So from this I take it the Gravity frame is quite highly recommended! Thanks everyone =)

I would recommend the Gravity too. I used to ride a KH frame, now I’m getting a gravity frame though cause of my knees, plus the KH one broke. A couple people have broken both of them, there doesn’t seem to be a big durability difference.

Oh, to be fair, Colby’s break wasn’t really the frame’s fault. :stuck_out_tongue: He only put 1 cm of seatpost in the frame. You can see what I mean at 3:22.

=( I’m also mainly riding trial/street!!!
just watch my Tim Desmet - unicycling vid from end january 2011 xD
or ‘extreme’ street vid :stuck_out_tongue:
And I think the gravity frame is awesome for trial street AND flatland :stuck_out_tongue:
just watch al the Pöhams riding the gravity frame :roll_eyes:

And I’ve also riden a KH frame but I like the feeling of the gravity more!

I’ve ridden the gravity frame for street as soon as I knew about it. I love round crown frames, your knees will love them as well! Colby broke his frame cause he barely had any post in there… like Julia said earlier. Its a great frame and its strong as well!

I have done, an embarrassing amount! They really drew my attention to that frame, and the fact it’s curved just looks so nice to me. Glad to see everyone’s only saying positive things really! That Colby incident doesn’t count, it was insane! Mad skill

I’ve only ever owned one unicycle, it was £20 had a curved crown and lasted 2 months of trials riding. the KH i rode a few times was a friends, a good few years old, but obviously a squared crown. That hurt so badly… But it seemed sturdy enough still, that’s why i wanted to know what other people thought. Because i was willing to get hit in the knee if it meant it would last longer, but you’ve all saved my legs Haha! =)

I forgot to mention that! Gravitys SAVE knees!

I didn’t notice that!

I also forgot about them! Alright. I have nothing bad to say about this uni anymore. I have personally never had a single problem with it.

untill you start doing trick on your wheel… :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone ride the Rail Hunter frame? I think I’ve only seen one or two in videos. Maybe people are waiting for their Gravity frames to break.

I have never seen anyone riding a railhunter. go for it!

I’ve been riding the Rail hunter for 6months :slight_smile: but I didn’t made a video since then cause I couldn’t ride long time…
its a pretty good frame! looks awesome! feels good, and I LOVE the quit release things :stuck_out_tongue:
but if you first have a carbon frame and then a RH, the RH is quite heavy xD (635gram for RH and only 530 for carbon)

now you’ve seen the rail hunter :wink:

I really want one!!

That rail hunter looks nice, there’s just too much welding for my liking!

Also, sad news! As it happens having a 3 year old son is pretty expensive around Christmas, turns out i won’t have enough money to buy a gravity Uni for many many months, so I’ll have to settle for a qu-ax in the mean time =( made me sad when i realised that!

I bought a qu-ax “muni” 20 inch from local juggling store, and absolutely love it! Still doesn’t look as nice as the gravity though :wink: so i was wondering, if i buy the frame, will it fit the qu-ax wheelset?

yes it will :slight_smile: