impact gravity frame broken :)

Don’t think that I’ve ever seen a frame break in that location before. Good thing that you didn’t hurt yourself when that came apart. :astonished:

little ducktape will fix it. hey put that in the broken parts thread

That’s disappointing, I thought that the Impact frames were strong enough that they wouldn’t break. Is this the first Impact frame to be broken? I’m glad you weren’t hurt.

It was really funny how the frame came back together by itself haha. That being said, sucks for the frame

odd place to break a frame. too bad. why did you put a smiley face isnt that a sad thing?

First impact frame ever. congrats? haha

Goods aren’t made to be invincible. There’s always going to be a chance of something breaking with a frame.

First time I’ve ever seen or heard of a frame breaking at one of the legs like that.

See if you can get a new one under waranty and if you don’t have to send this one back, get it welded and use it as a backup or for trials or something.

when you use a frame for a long time and ride intensively, i think it’s normal that after sometime it breaks… everything breaks…
for how long do you have it?

That sucks dude. Especially for a round crown.