Impact frame Question

I’m thinking of get a new uni, i want an Impact gravity frame and i want to know if it’ll fit in a Kh-nimbus hub


According to, “Frame fit not Nimbus and KH wheels up to 2008! Frame fit for Qu-ax, Impact, Koxx KH from 2009 wheels.”

a couple people have made it fit. you just have to file down the bearing holders… :slight_smile:

not necessarily… all you have to do especially if you have the newer kh hub is just take the bearings off and then put real thin spacers in which will widen the bearings out and the frame should have enough clearance. ive seen people just have it fit really easily. it just kinda depends on what the hub even looks like cause it your flanges are bent a little inward then it should even be fine but a pic of the hub would help :slight_smile:

i have a kh 07-08 hub, in this photo the frame is mounted on a Ti KH hub, the old one, and it have the same dimensions of a normal 08 hub rigth? so, it would fit…

The KH Ti hub is a little bit wider I think than the normal hub (in 2008). When I had mine, the spokes were almost touching the side of my 2005 KH frame. In worst case, you can just take off some metal from the side of the frame, it’s also going to be lighter :stuck_out_tongue:

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What brand/type is that purple seatpost? where can I get one?

I want to get one!

I’m pretty sure it’s a Pit Fitgher anodized purple, he had his seatpost anodized to match his uni. You can’t buy purple unicycle seatposts.