IMPACT complete unicycles now available

Hello All

The IMPACT complete unicycles are now available!
the GRAVITY, the REAGENT and the START UP are waiting for you on

all technical details are available on the web site :wink:




looking good :slight_smile:
but are that plastic pedals on a trial uni :p?
Metals are better for trials…

Looking nice! Noticed the muni section on the website, how long until the muni is released :sunglasses:

when are the trials cranks coming to the trials uni?

xD I can’t wait to see there muni’s! Hopefully there will be round crown frames??

So when are the CNC trials cranks coming out?

Are the cranks similar to QuAx tubulars? What lengths will you have?

Nice gallery!

Awesome:) When will longneck frames and 130mm street cranks be available?



the start up looks like a different seat no?

Yeah that’s definitely a different seat. On a tangent, the not-startup Impact seats are amazing.

I know! Its like they give you unicycling superpowers :astonished:

We have got the unicycles in the UK and have got more detailed photos for you up if you are interested.


The Trial unicycle come with alloy platform pedals (even if in picture it look very simiplar to the plastic pedals of the flatland unicycle) :wink:

No Muni plan for the moment …

Trial cranks are now available!!!
But only as spare part. Gravity complete unicycle come with tubular cranks for the moment

Cranks used on complete IMPACT unicycles are the GROOVY cranks : 140mm tubular, in CrMo, with a groove reinforcement in the profile to limit bending problem :wink:

have to wait for these parts, still under development …

START UP has same frame than REAGENT, in alloy
just the saddle and cranks are cheaper on the START UP

impact? addict? DD? huh? , i know you guys are in transitional stages right now with the company name but i honestly dont know what to call you.

love the uni’s though! if you guys do a muni ill for sure be interested in getting one. im loving the black and white colour scheme too.

Are the specs right for the “start-up”? Maybe the pictures are wrong…

from :

Looks like a luna maybe an echo tyre.

Doesn’t looked drilled, is it 47mm wide? It looks offset too, is it?

Thanks Brendan,

I have updated them, so the descriptions should be right. I also found a few other little mistakes on the descriptions… hopefully they are all sorted now.