iMovie Help, any tips desperately needed

I didnt really know where to put this thread so I put it here as I figured it would get most exposure.
My latest film, all edited and finished, has been made on iMovie, a program I know little about. I am having difficulties taking the film off the iBook I am using and putting it onto my normal computer.
Does anyone have any advice on how I could do this?
I want my video to be out by tomorrow so the more help I get the quicker you all get to see it,

'preciate any help that can be given,


Yes, the topic is not really unicycling, so this should go in the Just Conversation forum. There are technical discussions like this in there all the time.

What kind of file are you trying to move? First make sure it’s something Windows can read. Beyond that, it’s just a file. Burn to a CD or DVD, send it to an FTP site, copy it to a thumb drive or an external hard drive, or otherwise provide more information if none of those fits the situation.

as I have little experience forgive me if this doesn’t make sense.
I believe its a quicktime file, which my computer can read. I tried putting it on a pen drive, but when I try and upload it to my computer it comes up with a message saying that an item is missing or something of that sort. I would try and burn it to CD but I have no idea how to on a Mac.

Thanks John, and sorry for the misplaced thread, it is alittle bit unicycle related as my vid is a uni vid, but I won’t argue with the fact that this probably should be somewhere else.

Anymore advice would be great,

To get it out of iMovie and ready for CD or web:

Choose File and then Share (about half way down the menu). A box will appear with options, choose Quicktime (the blue Q) and then choose CD-Rom from the pull down menu. (I’d recommend doing a web version while you are at it.) Then click the Share button and save it in your Movies folder. It will take iMovie a few miuntes to compress the but then you will have a movie ready to view in your Movies folder.

So now the video is a standard Quicktime file, viewable on any computer with the current version of Quicktime installed (Win or Mac). You should be able to burn it to CD or upload it to websites with no issues. If you do have issues, write down the error message and post it, maybe I or someone else can help you with it.

Good luck!

briguymaine, you are correct if we are talking about imovie 5 or earlier. For the current version, iMovie 6, there is a seprate “share” menu with lots of options. Under the “share” menu, you will find an option for Quicktime.

I recommend compressing for web if you plan to post it on the web, of course. However, you want to keep a high quality archive of your work. So, I would recommend exporting a Quicktime at the “Full Quality” preset as well. If you need something other than Quicktime, use “expert settings” to choose your own settings - but only do this if you feel comfortable with all the settings and choices you see there. AVI is a little more friendly on windows machines than Quicktime. Quicktime player is a free download, but AVI plays native (unless you screw around with which CODEC is used).

The “high quality” file will be very large. In some cases its almost as big as your iMovie project package. So, you might just keep a backup of your project instead. Another option is to share to “Video Camera” and just dub it back to tape and keep that as an archive.