im weird...

ok i have these weird problems. 1st iff i can free mount and jump mount but i cant even hop wothout going in a cricle?!?! this is really weird from what i heard.
also anybody got some easy tricks that i can work on for trials?

I have witnessed a few people who went in circles when they jumped, it will go away, don’t worry.

For trials, learn crank and pedal grabs, grabs to rubber, tucking, SIF, and stand-stills.

Those are some basics.

hey, I know exactly what your sayin.
I can hop fine, but when I lead with my right foot and hold the seat with my left hand (my regular hopping is the opposite) the wheel keeps tweakin to the right, and I just keep spinnin around. I can’t get any height either.

to get high you just grab your handel stand up on your pedals so your butt is not tuching the seat and pull up[ realy hard :roll_eyes: ]

yah i cant jump very high but yesterday i could jump off curbs with it, but i cant jump up the curbs lol.

I learned all my trials skills badly and now I am having to make up for it. I hop with my right hand, can side hop much farther to my right, crank/pedal grab/stall to my left, and grind with my left pedal. I also hop up stuff to my right.

theres a chance that you’re unicycle isn’t symmetrical. (seat not straight, wheel not 100% true, cranks/pedals bent etc)
but then again you probably just need more practise.

I have same sort of problem, I do pedal/crank grabs & to the right and normal hops to left. It´s pretty annoying because this way I can´t use my normal hop, which is much higher than my “climb-hop” to make grabs/climbs.

well i just got back from ashort mile ride and i figured out i can hop staigt now! yay me! lol