I'm trying make a BC Wheel

I am trying to get the stuff to make a BC Wheel and I already have the wheel and am trying to figure out what to use for the plates that would be cheap and require no welding.

Plates from Bedford? Any other metal on a 90 degree angle is worth a try. Find whatever crap you have lying around and try to make plates out of them. If they bend, hope they dont break the wheel. But seeing as you already invested in a wheel, why not get some real plates from bedford?

i made a bc wheel a few weeks ago. for my plates i got 3mm wide 7cm angle bar, then welded some extra bits on the sides so it was wider. if you don’t want to weld just get some 10cm angle bar and then all you need to do is drill a hole in it.

I’m pretty sure ntappin has some great plates he sells.

There are 2 kinds of people. Some People treat Bcing like unicycling and buy quality wheels and plates and put thought into what they might be doing once they learn how to ride it. And others who treat it like a novelty sport like riding a giraffe or a 2 wheeler.

If you really want to get into it, Buy a quality Wheel and quality plates, Unfortunately all plates that you can buy are either poorly thought out, heavy, weak, or the bolt to plate height is too small.

Things to think about are what wheel size, This is a VERY critical decision, If you purchase a 20" wheel, Hands on tire tricks are EXTREMELY hard to perform, hurt your back, and basically make them impossible. In this case you want a 24" or 26". 20"s are good for 360s, high hops, and park type stuff.

Yeah, I agree. If you want to get into it get quality stuff. Bedford makes the best platforms you can buy. 20"s definately have their advantages but I think a 24" is a more all around size. For your first bc it will probably be ok to throw random crap together to make something barely ridable but if you are serious about it then get good stuff.

Yes, bedford plates are the best you can buy.

26"s have more parts avalible than 24"S

made one

I made mine from an extra bike and went down to a metal yard and got scrap angle iron for the plates but they are heavy and the bolts come undone if it hits the ground right. Works for beginners who don’t have the $$$$$$. Made to try it out.

Also, When you make your own parts you may need to worry about safety, I’v seen some pretty horribly made plates, TomTrevors especialy. If you ride fast and one of those plates folds, your foot/ankle/leg could easily be broken.

Hey Evan do you think it would be cheaper to buy a BC as one piece or as parts and assemble it myself I just want a good BC for little money.

lol make a REAL BC wheel… lol … and yes one of the plates is messed up… brother tried t hop on it … and slammed it down… it was funny watching him fall!!!

Evan buys the parts separately then makes his own plates…then he flatspots it by doing big hops with low psi or by throwing it then he gives it to me:) I have 2 24" bcs that have been flatspotted by Evan…one of them might not be ridable yet though:(

Skrobo: congratulations, you made me laugh:)

I want alot of skill for little practice time, but that ain’t happening.

If you want a quality bc, your going to have to fork out the dough. A very good bc runs about 200, a moderate will run about 150, and entry level is 100.

Pardon my language, But i can shit a better plates than those.

lol… they worked for me
and i worked w/ what i had

The Evan Byrne show, ladies and gentlemen.

Ha, I guess you don’t lean at all when you turn, or hop. :roll_eyes:

Those are really low plates. How do they affect riding?

you mean these plates. they are awesome. hercules couldn’t bend them if he tried. that welding is so good you can barely tell where it is. they are also pretty good for weight considering they are homemade.

BC plates.JPG

I can bend those in one hop, And il Bet you on that one.

Anyway, who cares if the weld is strong, thats not where they would bend anyway.