im totaly new to unicycling

ok i want to get a uni that i can use out at my friends farm and still use it on the street i was thinkin about getting a Unistar DX how much would i be lookin to pay for one and has there been any problems with it or anything like that hit me back thnx

Na there good. I paid 250 CAD for mine. The seat post is kinda shitty.

if you get an 07 DX, their are no problems with it. (except for preference issues)
if you get an 06 DX, the frame will break eventually

From what i’ve heard the 07 version is supposed to be almost indestructable.
Meanwhile the 06 is fragile and has the tendency to bend or snap like mine did. :smiley:

I hear they somtimes break :wink:

Well it’s only from what i heard. If it breaks, then there isn’t much comparison to the 06 model :smiley: :D. But i must admit my 06 copped alot of damage and stress but still held in one place. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

the dx is good. its really strong and not too expensive. 250 i think. i heard the frames sometimes break though…

yes, that is true
i broke my frame, but the 07 frame is WAY tougher, i tweaked it a little, but you probably won’t have this problem for well over a year and it has a lifetime warranty on the frame. everything else on the uni has a 1 year warranty, don’t worry, this is a uni you will use for a long time.

jeez people, this guy is brand new to unicycling, and simply wants to ride a little… he aint gonna break the DX lol

Yeha the DX is good, not sure what size you want, 20" or 24", if you want to ride in a muddy farm and on the strets but not do trials, then i’d recomend the 24"

Btw abotu the frame, its true the 06 ones were bad, but the 07’s are fine, and if you do break it a Nimbus II frame is very cheap ~ $40 and the Koxx Devil frame is quite cheap too and probably abit stronger even.

Basically the DX is very good, only things that might break are the seatpost (but all unicycle seatpost tend to break), the frame (the 07 should be ok) and the seat (since 90% of unicycle seats have the same Velo setabase, its not exatly a big suprise…) and the pedals… (but pedals are dirt cheap, and u can choose whichever ones you want to customise…)

I think htats it in what can break… so yeha i’d recomend you get it and ride it. Look at the Qu-ax Cross Uni, it isnt quite as strong as the Torker DX, however if you want a strong 20" uni and arent planning to do much heavy trials or street riding (street riding does not mean riding in the street :P) it will hold up fine.