I'm too short....

Hey guys,

I really want to get a 36" coker but I think I’m too short! On the unicycle.com website it says you need an in-seam of at least 83cm/32.7" (and that’s with a cut down seat post) but mine is only 79cm/31.1" (with trainers on).

What do you think, will I never get to ride a coker? :-(.


I would be willing to bet that you can make it work by putting some 125mm cranks on, using a slim saddle and maybe cutting down the frame. Hopefully Roger will pop in here, he is the man with the plan when it comes to short cokerers.

I have a 30" inseam and have a KH36". I only needed to cut the frame when I put on 165 cranks. Turns out that I don’t like 165 cranks. I fit the 150s fine with the seat as low as it can go. 125 cranks allow me to raise the seat a little, but when starting out I needed the 150 cranks for stability at lights and climbing hills.

Jess, you might want into look into an Impulse because the Shadow Handlebar’s pivotal seat post is supposed to take up less space (making it more “short people” friendly) than traditional seat posts do. Like Eric said, you might be OK with some 125mm cranks (a perfect length for the Impulse IMHO). As the cranks get longer, the seat height must come down. That being said, I always order the medium sized (260mm) length and use a pipe cutter to remove 2 inches. I’m 5’9" mostly torso. I wear 32/30 size Levi jeans. I still have about two inches of extra post on my Impulse with 125/110s and about 1.5 inches on my KH36 with 150s. Good luck and welcome to the forum.

I’m 5’2" with a 28 or 29 inseam and the Coker is fine after I cut the frame down. I ride with both 150 and/or 125 cranks, I don’t have much leeway with 150s but the 150s is what I ride With most often.

Strictly for I formational purposes I’m putting my link of my Coker so you can see how it looks, this set up is with 150s. it’s my second season running it using the 150 cranks, if I was running with my 125s I’d prob be able raise the
seat a little. The last picture is basically so people could see the way I did the frame and how it looks, I hope this helps. You should definitely be able to ride a 36er if I can.


@ ally, i LOVE the pink frame!

I am also short… 5’ 6" which is not as short but from a male perspective… its short. I fully intend on buying a 36er at some point! with a Schlumph hub and completely own every speed record i have seen on here! I would be satisfied to get a speeding ticket on my road bike in a 50 zone, but to get a speeding ticket on a uni? It seems possible =D I will be fallowing this three.

My pants have a 28" inseam so it looks like i will be cutting the frame (worse things have happened)

TopHatPlus first, thank you :slight_smile: and second if I’m correct inseam measurements for unicycles are from crotch to bottom of shoe, so with your height you might be alright with a 36er without having to cut the frame. :slight_smile:

I may or may not have a pink fetish… (don’t tell anyone… :sunglasses: )

(there may be an example of my pinkness in there… Learning Journal)

I am sure i would make it work, i have my seat pretty high on my 20" not, unto my belly button and am a few inches off the ground, if it was higher (without the high from pedals to seat changing) i could still static free mount it =D would just require a little practice, and if i had the money for your uni i would buy it so fast! Haha i live in about 3 hours from rochester (in canada) I drove down to Bristol Mountain in new york to go snow boarding one winter and we were VERY close to rochester and that took about 2 1/2 hours :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: haha I am not sure if shipping would be to bad either, according to Coker’s website a new new one to my door would be $26 shipping? No idea…

Sorry to jack thread, just seen a hot uni and got excited =D

I love my Coker but i haven’t used it much this year. I can count the times on one hand and I feel bad it’s sitting not being ridden.
I don’t believe it is compatible unfortunately with the geared hub set up so if that is what your ultimate goal is you don’t want a Coker.
I think I paid shipping of $125 for mine to get here but I know Coker’s site is less but for my house it was around $60.
If you wanted it I’d meet you half way as long as you can get over the border, I don’t have a passport yet, and I’m also sorry for the thread jack

I am considering getting this uni:

I am about 5’8" with a 31" inseam. Do you think I’ll have to cut the frame?

That looks like a sweet unicycle for the money. I’m 5’2" and managed a Coker Big One (had to cut the frame) and you are quite taller. I have no experience with Nightriders if the below link is any indication, my guess is it would be fine but use your judgment…this is from Unicycle.com Facebook page about a customer, Pete Byrne, writes: There’s a few pics of the 9 yr old on her 36 n the 7 yr old on her 24… 100mm cranks on the 36 n 75 mm on the 24.

I am 5’8" ish and measuring my MUni 29er setup from pedal to saddle (so I have a few inches to play with) I set my 36" build (waiting on a tyre and spokes) to the same distance with a tape measure with my 165mm cranks and I have loads of room left on my Triton

Not sure if the Triton has a shorter seat tube though :thinking:


There are probably a few older threads that lay out the absolute minimun inseam lengths based on set up…

But here are some thoughts:

Using a non adjustable (fixed) seat post will place the seat ~ one inch lower

Using a shorter crank can go a long ways to reduce inseam requirements, though depending on your intended use that could be a no go. I wouldn’t consider riding 36er muni with cranks shorter than 150mm, but 125-137 is probably fine for road riding with limited dirt and gravel road use.

Using a thicker pedal can add a few millimeters

Using a thinner seat can get you a few more millimeters.

Finally, you can cut down the frame, which may seem drastic but is very easy to do, and most any LBS can help you. A steel frame is the easiest…

A geared up 29er is an option if you have the $$$, it is also more versatile.

And then there’s the 32" wheel option which may become a reality if Roger says okay :slight_smile:

I don’t have the money for a geared 29er, also I don’t want the fuss of a complicated custom hub that an LBS can’t work on.

I think the 36er should be fine given what I’ve read.

Feisty, that’s the prettiest unicycle frame I’ve ever seen. Looking forward to seeing it with the wheel.

Yeah, you should be fine, worse case scenario is that you have to run a fixed seat post.

That uni is nearly the same as the one I ride, so I’ll vouch for the ride quality, the only thing you might consider is getting one of those new lightweight 36er “Todd” muni tires and a set of 150 Ventures. The Moments (it looks like they are 165/137) make the superwide 125mm hub even wider, whereas the Ventures + the superwide are similar to a standard 10mm hub + Moments).

I’m now riding 150/125 Moments on my 36er, a bit less power for big climbs and descents, but it feels better spinning through tight terrain. I think the 165’s might be just fine for learning the big wheel, but you might even go shorter (137’s/125’s)) if you stay on flatter terrain.

Thanks I am getting a reputation for being a tart on the looks front :stuck_out_tongue:

Abs Ben has said all the little things add up, as you can see I have a fixed post (never see the point of the adjustable ones) and the thinnest saddle there is (I like a thin saddle from bike riding), without those I would have the post at the post a the top of the frame!

Oi I got 165s on your say so and now you drop to 150s! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s just a phase I’m going through, it surely won’t last beyond Spring :roll_eyes:

Now, if I had a downgeared hub, then I’d spin 150’s all the time, maybe even shorter!

You’ll like the 165/137, it gives you a nice range of spin “feels”, long for big climbs/descents and short for flat spinning.

I think my ideal crank for a 36er muni would be a 165/150, but there’s just no way to position the holes so close together :frowning:

My only complaint with long cranks is when I have a straight forward downhill or a long flat double track, that seems to be where the cranks feel at their “wonkiness” due to their length.

When the weather dries out and I start back to the more technical 36er muni, then I’ll want my long cranks!

I am still struggling on bigger hills on my 29er with 145mm so I think 165 for the time being will be just fine, the 137mm will be good for road and bike trails, if the time comes I will ge the 150s and to be honest it is nice to have lots of cranks :wink:

My collection continues to grow, even though I gave some away and sold some redundant sets.

Do cranks breed?

If you keep 150s and 125s together, they produce 137s.