I'm thinking about making a BC.

I’m thinking of constructing my own BC wheel. Those of you that can ride, I’d like to hear about what you think of pegs vs. flats. Are there any distinct advantages or disadvantages for either? Or is it just personal preference?

Thank you.

My old BC had foot pegs from a moped. These hung about 1" below the axle and worked fine. You don’t want BMX pegs, as they’ll rotate and your feet will roll off.

Foot plates offer more support, but the downside is weight. I have a paire of plates Zack Baldwin made me and they work great, but their higher weight makes it hard to give the wheel a nice roll for getting started. The swinging plates make the wheel roll unevenly.

So consider the weight of whatever you use. If you keep it closer to the axle (less hang), weight will be less important.

Thanks John. Do you think it would be worth it to make my own, or should I just talk to Darren?

I would suggest you contact Darren. As in Jeff and Ryan’s Video, the BC wheel they are riding and bunny hopping on is a Bedford. If after talking with him you still want to make your own, then you may have some more insights. But chances are if you want a super strong wheel and pegs then you would be best to order from Darren. I think his pegs are made from aluminium to cut the weight down, but best speak to the source about how they are made.

I emailed him last night to get some more information. I’ll see what happens and I’ll let you guys know too.

i have 2 (dont ask why)

one with a freestyle front bmx wheel and the other an old BMx wheel… freestyle bikes often have good wheelsets and longish axles for the pegs. (that you should grind/saw off)

to get the wheel to spin evenly you need really good bearings thats all.

i wouldnt think weight is a big issue unless you are thinkin of hopping on it. i can do about 8 inches on mine.
i have some industrial strength square brackets that i found down at my local hardware store that i got for $10 for 2.

as i dont ride my bike(s) any more (coz im a unicyclist) the wheels were free.

Nick and I are in the process of making our own, which he will like considering he’s broken his uni. So I guess we need to get ours finished… Something you could do… Go and get some brackets that hold stuff up onto walls, the triangular ones (this might be what tomsey was talking about) and then you can just attatch a plate to one half for your foot.