im still having trouble with SIF jumping..

well like the title states, i have been practicing sif riding and jumping for quite some while now and i cant seem to get “comfortable” enough to start doing the static vertical jumps i see people do on videos. i want to get into trials and i know that sif riding and jumping is crucial.
are there any tips or practice things i can do?
i think my seat post is at the right level although my back has to bend a bit. im pretty sure my hands grip is on the right area too.
am i missing something crucial with my arm or legs or something?
when im not sif’ing, i can rolloing jump up 2 stairs and can static jump up about 20 inches.
thanks for all the help!

btw- should i be equally practicint jumpsand tricks on both sides or mainly just dominant?
update- wheel walking is a biotch to improve on!!


You probably aren’t ready for it yet, just practise it every so often, you’ll become more comfortable soon :slight_smile:

do you mean comfortable as in hopping sif at all or as in jumping high? can you ride sif for a quarter mile without struggling? hopefully you understand my question

Don’t worry too much about SIF hopping many top trials riders can hop high SI. On the case of being comfortable, it’ll come with practise, don’t worry. :slight_smile:

well im not comfortable much sif but im not saying that its hard either anymore. i can prolly go quarter mile if my life depended on it but its still taxing on the body. riding is much easier than at first but jumping is still hard.

i think im having trouble bringing up the seat to the chest chin area and mainly having troubling balance with the feet on the pedal horizontally. i think thats the hardest part actually.