I'm selling my Summit

As I had mentioned in some other threads, I’m selling my Summit. I’ve had it for about 6-8 weeks and realized that I just really have much use for it. My Muni and Coker seem to be all I really need:D

Anyway, here’s the poop:

Summit Trials
19" Alex DX 32 rim
Luna 2.5 tire
140 mm Man-o-war splined cranks and hub
NEW Magura brakes
Viscount saddle
2 bolt seatpost clamp
Haro Big Block pedals

$300 + shipping

The tire still has the “hairs” on it


The cranks are perfectly straight and do not have a single scratch on them


The only thing that is not perfect is the tiny tear in the saddle just below the V in Viscout


check your PM’s!!

Alright, that seems to be definatly something im interested in. I am willing to buy it, if that other kid that has first dibs doesnt want it. So get in touch with me, because i claim 2nd dibs bwahaha. :slight_smile:

I’ll be busy all day tomorrow, I’ll get back to ya’ll later :smiley:


Thanks to all of ya’ll that inquired about the Summit, but it’s been sold,