i'm saving up 4 these....any good?

Pedals - DX Style £12.99 from unicycle.com (in red 2 match the red stripe or speed stripe as i call it! on my KH velo seat)
please could someone do a review on them for me…? :slight_smile: please

Short review here


i would just get peddles from a local bike shop weggo’s are abit hit and miss some are good some are bad as i said go to a bike shop and erm then you can look at the first.if you did not have a local bike shop fine but weggo’s are a bit funny sometimes :roll_eyes:

Re: i’m saving up 4 these…any good?

GET AXIOMS!!! there the best peddals i’ve ever had… there about 40$ canadian

got some from a bike shop diamond back silver and good grip