i'm riding to iceland.

now i’ve got your attention… i mean iceland the frozen food store - apologies :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m looking for a unicycle to get me to work and back, it’s probably about half a mile walk their, but hey, why not make it slightly more interesting?

it obviousy needs to be a large enough wheel to get me cruising at a decent speed, but not so big that storing it would be an issue, maybe a 26 would be best?

any ideas what i could go for, ideally i want to spend as little money as possible, iv’e heard of “sun” unicycles, but don’t know much about them.

alternatively if anyone in the east midlands has somthing i could buy off them, i would be happy to consider this.

any input would be much appreciated, thanks guys.

If it’s only a half mile ride, I’d take either a trials or a 20". Something you can piss around with doing tricks on the way.


24" Nimbus Club is my vote:


Here it is at the UK sight: http://www.unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=1126

26" will get you a little more speed, but it’s only going to be a 1-2mph difference.

Here is a 26" that is a good deal for the money: http://www.unicycle.com/unicycles/road-26-28-29-inch/torker-unistar-lx-26-inch.html

Though I don’t see it at the UK unicycle.com site. I looked but did not see a 26" road uni on the UK site. 26" is kind of an odd ball size and is typically used for off road where the larger wheel helps roll over rocks and roots.

Also if you are new to Unicycling (not clear from your post) I would say no larger than 24" for learning.