I'm riding again

after four weeks of not touching my uni since spraining my ankle, I’ve realized that as long as I don’t fall off, riding probably stretches my ankle less than walking.
So, I’m riding again tonight.
But I’m being strict about what I do: No hopping, no stairs, no drops, no big bumps, nothing that causes any pain, and no falling off.
So far, so good.

Re: I’m riding again

i tried that one once… you ether fck up doin something simple you would never fck up on, or you get to carried away. Dont get carried away and just try your hardest not to fall.

When I hurt my ankle in XC, I still rode my unicycle, but I didn’t do anything. I just rode it. I think that actually helped some, because I wasn’t walking everywhere which stresses it even more.

that works as long as you dont be like Travis Pastrana and get carried away. He’ll be winning the race get carried away and over clears a jump…bam out of the race he would have won