Im Quitting

Screw this sport! :angry: Sorry guys, I just dont see how I can get long term fun out of this.:frowning: After 2 years, Im out. Sorry guys! I hope you last longer than me:o

I’m sorry to hear of this. I wish you the best. Good luck, and I hope that you find plenty of other good things to do with your time, that will hopefully treat you better than unicycling has.

i saw this on the main forums and pele had posted last, i thought he was quitting! that scred me for a second.

and surely, 2 years is a farely long time, why have you decided now your not having fun?

Too bad it’s not April 1st.

How many “I’m quitting!” threads have we had now?

Can’t people use the SEARCH function?

They probably tried but gave up.

Now where’s a facepalm pic when you really need it?


Bye bye!:slight_smile:

Very discouraging for new riders like me :frowning:

If someone else quitting discourages you may I suggest you stop now.

If all the people that tried to ride a unicycle posted here when they gave up they’d be no need to ever use the search function to find that thread;).

Isn’t the fact most people that try to ride give up a good reason for doing it in the first place? It was for me.



LOL, (that’s smiley right?)

It was until I deleted it. I better check with him before I post that

These threads would be more useful if the quitter listed the unicycles that they would be getting rid of as a result… can this be moved to the trading post?

Mind explaining why?
Do your friends still poke fun? Chronic injuries? Not getting as good as you hoped or just not enough time to ride?


How could you?! Unicycling is an amazing sport while also being one of the funniest hobbies around. On a unicycle you are completely free; it’s just you and a wheel. How can you just give up? You spent two years learning to unicycle and now your just gonna “quit”? So basically, you wasted to years of your life? That is a disgrace, next time you put that much effort into something I hope your soul is into it as well. Unicycling takes commitment and I guess you just don’t have it. sigh Sorry I just get so frustrated with quitters!


Farewell, and have a good life. :slight_smile:

Haha! +1

Shame to hear you are quiting man.