im pretty new to unicycles

Hey! I am real new i have only had my uicycle for about three weeks now and I ride it everywhere. I think I am preety good at it. I can do a few things on it and i am working on the second skill level. I have a few questions. one is am i doing good so far. Two is im thinking of getting into MUni and i was wondering if anyone knew of any unicycles with bracks or brake bosses that are cheap. Three is how hard is it to start a club because i was thinking about starting one where i live once i get better. four is can you use a moutain unicycle for freestyle because i like the brake idea. thank you all for the help

first of all welcome to the fora.

  1. anything with brakes is gonna cost quite a bit…at least $400

  2. where do you live? there could already be a club in your area you dont kno about. but yeah its easy to start a club…just put up some flyers with and e-mail address or phone number and go from there.

  3. freestyle on a 24"(most common muni size) is alot harder than on a 20"(freestlye size) but it is do able. just do what feels comfortable to you.

hope that helps


thanks for the help

where do you live anyways?