I'm planning to buy a unicycle today..learner here..

but I’m unsure on what wheel size to get. I’m 5’11, 190LBS.

I guess as I’ll be learning the basics for awhile I wont need anything too major, but I’d like to think in the near future I’ll be attempting to hop on,over,off stuff etc…(no long distance stuff, just fun stuff…no offence :slight_smile:

Any advice Much appreciated.

go for a 20" wheel, i’d say.
You can use it for a lot of stuff.

21 views and no-one has questioned your recommendation.

20" it is.:slight_smile:

The thing is… those 21 silent viewers know what will happen…

you’ll buy a uni…and then another and another… they are like potato chips. :stuck_out_tongue:

nope. Unicycles aren’t like potato chips. Unicycles taste good, potato chips just taste much better.

i have never tasted my uni, and don’t plan on it. my first was a 24" but a twenty would be good too.

haha you wont be 190 lbs for much longer…
i lost 30 pounds mostly due to unicycling…

go for the 20" and you say you wont want to do long distance now…but just wait.

muni is addicting.

I don’t want to lose weight!..I go to the gym to be heavier…gotta fill out the shirts :slight_smile:

Well, maybe I could lose some around the middle :wink:

20" is for total beginner, or expert “trials”

Nothing is better then a really cheap used 20" to learn on. Start along a wall.
Then soon you will want a 24 “. It’s fast enough to put around town, rolls over stuff better then a 20”. For most all around general riding, a 24" KH is what you want.
I really respect trials riders. They are a lot better then me. For all that hoppity hop stuff, a trials 20" is great. But you have to be a really good rider to bother with that stuff. I hope to be there some day, but for now I’m riding my KH 24" every day and I love it.
So I would recommend a 24" if you buy new.

I think I definitely agree with that, unless you plan to get directly into trials or street riding. I started with a 24" and I’m glad I did that because soon after riding I was able to do a little off road and ride around town, having fun that way. I then got a splined 24" muni, had my fun with that and ended up putting a street tire onto it (hookworm 24x2.5) with that I got really into trials and street riding so I ended up getting a used splined trials uni off of the forums here. I’m really pleased with the order in which I progressed with my unis.

im 5’5"~ and learned on a 24"

i then used it for a little bit of distance riding, it was very good.

but if you wanna do more freestyle / trias / street i’d say get a 20".

20" is geared to low

I forgot to mention that. For rolling around town, a 20" is kind of tedious. To fast a leg pump to make a walking pace. And for a newish rider, the rolling ease of the 24" wheel across gravel is a plus.
My point is there is a lot of riding fun to be had, and skills to be learned, before purchasing a 20 " trials uni makes sense. Trials riding is a specialty for advanced riders.

Well I just bought a 20" no name uni.

I feel I would do so much better if it just had some handlebars. :sunglasses:

8 pedals is about all I can do so far.

sweet. i can’t wait to see your first video.

lol, you may see me on Americas funniest home videos…bike crash edition:D

thats the best type of video there is !!

Hmm, don’t know about that. I’m still riding my very first uni. Admittedly, I’ve only had it for seven months, but I don’t feel like I really need another one. I wouldn’t mind trying out a 20", but oh well.

I’ve never tasted my uni, but I should. Wait, I’ll go now and lick my uni… I think it doesn’t taste anything at all, at least my KH Frame, but tire probably taste something. (I’m wierd)

My first uni was 20" and I was about 5’ 8" when I started unicycling, now I’m 5’ 9" and I think 20" is still better for riding and tricks than 24".

i don’t like potato chips tho:(

he speaks from experience
get either a torker CX with a better seat, or get an LX
CX hub is stronger/better, but the LX is better in every other way.