(Im)patiently waiting for the Monty wheelset

It should be here by this Wednesday, my Monty wheelset for my Bedford frame. Then its going be a hopping good time.

I have been taking care not to stress my current freestyle wheelset so that it will still be useful as something to switch to, if I ride indoors or do freestyle stuff, after I have the Monty. But it is so fun to be able to start hopping on and off of stuff. For sure, I’m not doing much height right now but it will be nice to have the bounce of a fatter tire and the confidence in the rim once I do increase the height.

Play, play, play… didn’t think I’d get into Trials type stuff but once I developed a little bit of trials skills then the concept of hopping and gapping started looking pretty good.

Come on Monty!


boyng boyng boyng…