I'm on TV this Wednesday!

This was totally last minute! I was contacted to do an interview earlier today with a reporter for local Los Angeles/Orange County Television station KDOC. The Show is called “Day Break OC”, and airs M-F from 6am-8am. It’s kinda like Regis & Kelly format. The coverage area is 5.4 Million homes!

The on-air reporter said he wanted to do a story on the “UniGeezer” angle and also touch on my piano tuning business. So I postponed tuning appointments at the last minute so I could drive out to Orange county this morning to do the interview, which took place at his actual home where I did a “mock” tuning on his piano. Then we went on location to a local trail for some action shots and hiker/biker comments; we got some good ones!

Anyway, should be a fun segment but it’s only seen in Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Check you local listings for what channel it’s on in your area, depending on whether you have cable, sat, or regular TV, which is Channel 56 in that case.

They’ll be running promos for it tomorrow (4/15/08) during the day like every hour. For those of you not in the coverage area, they will be streaming the actual edited segment on either youtube or google, and when it’s up I’ll post the link. Btw, I mentioned Jamey’s “Uniproshop.com” so hopefully the anchors will mention it, maybe at the end of the segment.

I should also mention that, unknown to me (and the reporter who interviewed me) this is the same station that was supposed to do a story on Adam Brody’s OC uni club, and their interview was supposed to be tomorrow!

But my reporter never said a world about it, (nobody told him!) and it turns out that another reporter, apparently new to the station, had set things up with Adam, but now due to the mix-up, their interview will take place next week.

I had just heard from Adam a couple days ago that he and his club were going to be interviewed for a TV show, but I had no clue that it was with the same station!!! It might have been fun to combine both of our stories and make one whole segment out of it.

Oh well, hopefully, this will work out better so they can get more time in their interviews. Hey, two uni features are better than one!:smiley:

sounds sweet
see if you can’t put the footage online
(if that’s legal)

Yeah the reporter told me he would upload the actual segment as it will appear on Wednesday, to youtube; I’ll post a link when it’s up.:slight_smile:

Very cool Terry

Can hardly wait for the post

That’s awesome!
So did they find you through your youtube account?

50/50, lol. I’ve been watching the station for 20 years since they run a lot of my favorite classic stuff, including Get smart and twilight zone.

I was also hoping that they would also mix in my piano tuning business (it’s been slow lately:() into the story. I told the reporter about the OC club and other riders in the area, but apparently the segment would be too short.

Good news is, the OC club will have their own news segment filmed next week! Also, I kept emphasizing Jameys Uniproshop.com, and so it looks like they will do a promo for it in the segment! :smiley:

Well If I lived by you, you’d be the only person tuning my piano.

cool, you seem to be on tv loads! is there any way i can watch it here in england? or do i have to wait for youtube:(

Thanks Terry for the plug! Hopefully it’ll make the cut. (BTW-Got your message and I have an extra tube for you you can have, call you later…)

No problem Jamey, I just wanted to help your new biz as much as possible and thought this would be a good way to get the word out! It’s not everyday that you can get free advertising on TV, so I really pushed for it. Ulitmately it will be up to the station manager, but my fingers are crossed!:slight_smile:

Just got an email from the TV reporter; the segment’s been bumped to Thursday. :frowning:

I CAN"T WEAIT TO SEE TERRY ACCT ON TV!!! he’s funny enough on youtube

Lol thanks Chad but I didn’t have the “creative control” or editing as I do when I make my own viddys. I’m at the mercy of the powers that be at the Station!:o

Just got off the phone with the programming dept. Now it’s been rescheduled for “sometime next week”. :frowning: I was cuirious why and they said it was mainly because they really like the segment and want more time to promote it to pump up viewership.

Sounds kinda dubious to me. I think it’s because a different reporter is supposedly interviewing Adam Brody’s OC uni club next Tuesday-that interview was supposed to be yesterday- and so maybe they plan to combine the segments. If that’s the case then I’ll be very happy!:slight_smile:

But again, the lady I spoke with who does the actual scheduling of the segments, said she didn’t know anything about any other “uni story”. I got the same comment from the reporter who did my interview, so this whole thing is starting to seem like there’s a serious lack on communication at that station! So I’m just hoping that Adam’s OC club gets their interview, and hopefully both of our stories will air! :smiley:

Daily updates please…

Well, even though the segment won’t air until next week on the TV station, it WILL be online later TODAY for all to view! (I’ll post the link asap) This was just relayed to me by the reporter who did the story, and when I asked if he was pleased with how it came out, here was his response:

“Yes, I like it. I think it’ll probably make my resume’ reel.

And he’s a 14 year veteran at the station!:smiley:

Well, although the actual TV broadcast is slated for next week, the reporter just sent me a link so you can see it right now online. I hope the TV version will mention Jamey’s Uniproshop! But it turned out pretty good I think. It was fun.

It’s in the video forum.:slight_smile:

I WAS THE FIRST TO SEE IT:D i feel so proud yay:D

Good story and video Terry!!