I'm on Court TV (Now "Tru TV) tonight!

Wow I just got an email from someone saying they just saw me on TV! Haha I remember it was sometime last year in Hermosa Beach, CA that a film crew from Court TV, now “TRU TV” (They had a show called “Beach Patrol”, now called “Ocean Force”) and they shot some footage of me riding my 36er, and said it should be on the beginning of 2008. So, I think it will be on again at 11pm PST, and another episode at 11:30 as well. It’s on a cable channel called “Tru”. Not sure which I will be on, but should be one of them.:smiley:

thats awesome!!! ill have too look for it:)

did you get any $$$ out of the deal:p :wink:

Nah, just some cool exposure for our sport!:stuck_out_tongue:

i WISH i gotthat channel so i could watch it

Terry, when u read this, try to IM me, im on, it just says im away

are you in the one with the beachside cocaine bust or the one at 11:30?:slight_smile:

Both! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Haha it was a set up I tells ya!:wink:

I think it’s actually the first one at 11pm pst, and it’s somewhere about 15 minutes in I think. I’ll be recording it directly to wmv so I can post it later for those who dont get the channel:D

ill try to watch it

hey i saw you, you were in there for like 1/2 a second just before the guys with the thongs

What? You gotta be kidding! Haha it’s a “don’t blink or you’ll miss it” thing eh? It’s not even on 'till 11pm here, and you’re in the same time zone. :thinking:

yea im in the same time zone. do you have cox? because it might be different for different television providers.

quick, sombody record it!!!

Lol! I did and I posted it in the vid section. Don’t blink it’s not on long!

Imagine Terry riding his Coker/36er for about one second max, smiling to the camera. There. Now if you want to see people on the beach getting arrested or rescued (not Terry), watch the show.

I think we saw it between 11:30 and 12:00, one of two half-hour shows focused on July 4. Lots of drunk and disorderly (and stupid) people on the beach on July 4 (also not Terry), but the “Ironman” competition sure was interesting!

They shot a full 10-15 minutes of me riding, so I was hoping they would have had a bit more footage there, like when I rode really fast toward the camera and veered away at the last moment! But like you said, it’s all about the arrests and rescues and stuff.

And even though I was in that area when they shot it on the 4th of July, I sure don’t remember much going on at that time; it seemed like just another day at the beach.:smiley:

Twice at unicycle conventions I have given up an entire lunch break to get photographed by one press person for a single image to hopefully show up in the paper. One of those times it was worth it, as the picture came out really nice.

Such is the life of cops and rescue people. They have to focus in on the trouble spots, while most of us (the smart ones) tend to avoid those scenes.

I like shows like that. They offer a good contrast between the life of cops and other service people, and the people they have to “work with.” Drunk and disorderly is only fun when it doesn’t interfere with other peoples’ enjoyment of the public place you’re in. Also they point out for people who don’t already know it that being drunk beyond a certain point sure does turn people stupid and annoying! Cops don’t get paid enough.

People on the strand with open containers of alcohol were ususally given a warning (as long as they were of drinking age) but many got tickets that cost them $600 a pop! :astonished: The one exception was the “iron man” event. I think that’s because it’s not only a yearly tradition, but with thousands of onlookers and participants drinking alcohol, there would simply be no way to ticket every one of them!