I'm off to New Zealand

In then next few hours I will be on a plane bound for New Zealand. I am going with a couple friends of mine for a couple weeks of fun. We don’t have much in the way of plans, though skiing, the Whales V. NZ rugby match, and site seeing is on the menu. I’m not bringing a uni, and only one of my friends rides anyway.

The internet connection where we are staying is a dial up :frowning: so I don’t think I’m going to be reading RSU much, but I’ll try.

BTW: we are staying in the North Harbour area (like I know where that is)

Hope I have fun!

I hope you have fun too. Welcome to New Zealand! You should have no trouble accessing RSU via dial up modem. Forums do not use large volumes of information so they work on any system. I am using 28k modem and it only goes slow when people post huge pictures, and you can change the settings so they only show if you choose to look. Don’t spend too much time on the net though cos you can do that anywhere. Make the most of your time here. I hope you have a safe flight.