I'm number 2, or some other number, but not 1

Hey… this is …uh, Greg. Right. Me.

And I just wanted to relay, that I’m number 2, or lower -but not one- 'cus Rhysling is more handsome, good smelling, and quick with the chicks. Oh… ya: he can ride good too, better than the King of Sweeden, in fact. I kissed John Childs once. He smelled like beer. Chris smells better.

That’s mighty nice of you to say, Greg. I must say I susspected the bit about you and John. I only regret that I didn’t change your icon and sig before logging you out. :stuck_out_tongue:


im not sure what the meaning of this post is but if your looking for #1…well that would be me. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

I’m just confused! Did I miss something in my 4-week break from unicyclist.com?


This thread should be in Just Conversation. Or Unjust Conversation. Or maybe even Spam… Eeew!

Did Chris really write the first post, as he alludes to? :thinking: :thinking:
His previous post was 1-28-2003 06:47 PM – a three day gap. Chris, did you take a trip to Seattle? Are you hanging out with Mr. Harper?

Never mind. I just found THIS! Mystery solved. (read the post carefully – harper would never say “Now I don’t know anything” or accidentally sign his name Christopher)

uni57 (Dave)
P.S. - Chris, I applaud you! Posting as harper was necessary.
“harper – Pontificating Vigilantly and Unaware”
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Re: I’m number 2, or some other number, but not 1

To the real Greg,

You are number one at least to me. Stats-wise that is.

I for one am not bothered by the latest report from uni57 the
self-proclaimed (not) AP Unicyclist Writer. He obviously doesn’t have
his facts right. Silly man.

Klaas Bil

As long as the forum<->newsgroup link is only 50% reliable
I may post on both platforms. Sorry for any inconvenience.
No corrections planned for a future stats page.

Re: Re: I’m number 2, or some other number, but not 1

How can you deny the obvious? “harper” is not a person – “harper” is a team of posters. No wonder he was number one. He manipulated your stats. You should be outraged. In fact, I bet “harper” is an acronym – it should probably be written HARPER. Now if I could just figure out what it means…

uni57 (Dave)
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: <— applies to all of the above

Re: I’m number 2, or some other number, but not 1

I never would have misspelled “Sweden” and John and I are “just good friends.”