I'm not sure what to do next...

I am a somewhat-new unicyclist. I have a 20" and I’m about as good as I’ll ever get. I don’t really care about doing tricks, and I want a unicycle that can take me a long ways and move fast. What should I get and how much would it cost?

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If you just want to get from place to place. The Torker AX Featherweight has a 29" wheel and is $225 on unicycle.com. You would get around a lot faster than with a 20"

Here’s a place to consider

Their prices are about the same, or slightly lower then UDC, but they ship free, worth some $ on a large uni.
It might seem like a big jump from a 20 to a 36, but if you are confident on your 20, you can do it in an afternoon.
One of my uni’s is the radial 360. It’s a lot of fun. Unless you live in the wrong place (dense hilly city with lots of stops), a 36 is the way to go. If it’s hilly where you live, it is not to hard to fit one with a brake.

Thanks! Once I can work up the money, I think I’ll buy the 36 inch!

I think a coker will be my next purchase uni wise. they sound like so much fun.

Oh they are, they are one of those “to put/buy from your shopping list” type things. :smiley: :smiley:

you sound like my sister = damn ur so slow on ur trials - STOP JUMPING ON THE WALL! - JESUS WHY ARE YOU GOING BACKWARDS AGAIN?

this was on the way to the train station her on her bike and me on my 19" trials uni

and yeah the coker sounds like what you need.

:slight_smile: just doesn’t understand that a man has to do what a man has to do.

P.S. Sorry about the threadjack.

A Coker is definitely the way to go. I recently got mine and its a blast to ride. I don’t regret getting it at all. I placed a computer on it today, and after a ride or two to figure out the calibration, i did a search and its all set now. FYI, the computer wheel setting should be 2770, just so you won’t have to go thru searching and guessing what it is.

Hey, after rethinking all of this, I think that I am going to just be buying a 28 inch that I got a great deal on. I don’t really need a big wheel, for as much as the cost is.

How much is it?

Then why not the KH29??? :smiley: :smiley:

KH are a lot of money, and verde flash doesn’t want to spend a whole lot of money.

Yeah… I’m cheap…

I don’t know the exact price yet, but I’m getting a 28" for about $100 from a friend.

Sounds good. Keep the wheel tensioned.

The price is right

It is a fair jump from 20 to 36. If you can get a decent (and road uni’s aren’t trouble prone) 28 for 100$, that sounds like the way to go.:slight_smile:
Of course, the more you love the 28, the more you will lust after the 36.:smiley:
I am sure you will be glad to have the 28. Good find !:slight_smile:

the sun 28 sucks, there is a flaw in the hub design and the flanges commonly seperate from the hub.

oh, nevermind, if its a sun it is a ripoff though, make sure its at least a torker, if its used its only worth $50 at the most.

Bad News…

My deal backed out. I think Ill like a 36 better anyway. I’ll try to find one of them. Maybe that one you suggested.