I'm not paid 2 say this

I’m not paid to say this, but i just wanted to let readers know how good i think the Pashley Muni 20" is.
I haven’t been unicycling for long, and i haven’t got a vast experience of other unis, so i can’t make comparisons. Wot i can say however is that from what i have read on various unicycle sites, mine is standing up really well 2 the punishment i’m giving it. I’ve read on some sites stories of peoples cranks breaking etc, and tacoed wheels. I haven’t suffered any of these, and i’ve hopped, both rolling and dead landing off drops of upto 4 1/2 feet, onto concrete etc,and my uni hasn’t flinched, although i did a couple of times… By the way, i weigh 182 lbs (just checked), and i wasn’t landing seat infront, cos i haven’t got the control seat out yet, even from 2 foot drops (Any advice on that would be appreciated).
I’ve read on Unicycle.com that the 20" pashley is for smaller riders. This is true to a point, as riding any distance on a muni ride with it feels slow. However for any size of rider i think it makes a great trials uni.
By the way, i’ve added a Maxxis Max Daddy 2.125 tyre, which is a bit bigger than the supplied one( a Schwalbe Dirty Harry)
yeah, i know, the lollipop bearing housing isn’t ideal, but i find it stands up to crank stall etc really well… which leads to my question. When you do a crank stall (Or crank hangs as they are sometimes called ), do your split case bearing housings get damaged?
By the way, i bought the Pashley from unicycle.uk.com, and at £120 it was definately the best muni for the money.
Those of u in America have a wider range to choose from, so u might get a better deal for a different uni

Well done Pashley

Hope this could help some1