im new

alrite i think i got a uni that a bit to big for tricks but im 5foot 4 and 14 yrs old and ive got a 24inch sun unicycle but i can ride it pretty no tricks or notin but would u recomend me gettin a smaller 1 for more tricks n stuff? and also wats muni mean?

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muni means mountain unicycling and a good unicycle would be 20 inch because it is good for trials street and freestyle

you have to get a unicycle depending on what you would like to do. for example, a good trials unicycle is a torker dx 20" and a good freestyle unicycle is a semcycle XL with upgraded frame. you have to see what kind of unicycling you want to get into

sweet thx for da info i’ll c if i can get my mom to let me buy another 1 so i have 1 for each cuz we live near alot of roads and behind us is alot of offroad stuff so… do u think i could buy a 20 inch off ebay fro 24 bucks for easy riding or will it b a peice of crud.??? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

if its that cheap then its probably crap… you can find a nice one on

kool thx hopefully i’ll find 1 im on sortof a budget like under 100 :astonished: shoot :stuck_out_tongue:

im not sure because i have never rid one but the torker LX might be a good unicycle to get… its about $94 i think… it might be cheaper on ebay… ill look

its cheaper then that… i think you should get another persons opinion on this though because i have never rode one before

hey wat about this 1 its the Sun 20 inch blue will that b suitable for a beginner? :thinking:

or the black sun for 105 bucks. thats the 1 o got but its 24 inch. let me no plz thx

honestly… im not sure, i dont know how strong it is but it looks like it would be ok for beginner stuff

ok kool thx man i’ll look around and i’ll take alook at the ebay thx

I say get a torker LX. if your not looking to jump off anything too big, it’s a great uni.

Thought I’d share. I’m 5’8" and I started learning with a 24" before selling it off to get a 20" which then got stolen resulting in my getting a 24" again and recently another 20". Yea it’s confusing.

One thing I liked about learning with the 24" was that it curbed my fear of getting on the unicycle. Once I’ve learnt it, I was confident that I could ride a 20" and could adapt to it with no issue. People who’ve learnt with a 20" are more likely to be intimidated with trying out a 24" (in the beginning at least). Over time of course, it’s all up to skill.

I haven’t got to using my first 20" for tricks and learnt using my subsequent 24". Wheelwalking for instance, was said to be easier for a 24" although I like it better on a 20". One-foot riding is definitely easier on a 24". One thing I can never do on my 24" was a step-up mount because I can never lift the seat high enough. After practising it for an eternity with my 24" and getting nowhere, I managed to nail it after about 5 minutes with my then newly-acquired 20".

The bottomline is, I feel that a 24" helps in building up confidence and strength. If you wish to do high hops, a 20" is good (although I’ve a friend who does trials with a 26") but instead of getting a cheapo 20" so early, perhaps you should practise some more with your current one and find your style while saving up for a new uni.

sweet thx. i’ll keep workin on my 24 and save for a 20, but rite now im workin on goin backwards. i can get 2 full pedals

The torker LX is a good uni to start with I started with it. It is pretty tough I try to keep my drops in a resonable area not to treably high couse last week me and a freind busted his but his is the 24". The LX should last a while if you not totaly crazy and how you are a begginer I think some stuf my not come for al ong while.

ok i actually order a blue sun uni that was 65 bucks cuz i just got paid from my dad and ironically i got paid 65 bucks :stuck_out_tongue: :astonished: so where im at in the learnung process i dont have any place to jump off higher than a foot soo itll b hopefully perfect but thx for the tips n adsvice n quik replies

Anymore now once a begginer learns they are gonna wanna do trials. Save your 65 bucks learn on a 24" and get this one.

It’ll last you a fair while but If your still a little low on dat dough maybe get this one

dang those r nice