im new

hey im new to unicycleing and was wondering if you guys had a suggestions to make me better at riding.

Will Allison



every one meet my friend…

we live really close to eachother…

he just bought a torker lx 20" (thanks to me i might add)

isn’t someone going to reply to this poor little kid?

well, if your friend had specific questions, we would be better equipped to answer them. asking how to be better at unicycling and then expecting more than “practice” for advice may be asking too much.

welcome to the community, lad.

Well apparently you’re already “good”, but have a look through .


Hey, welcome aboard. I would have to second daino and say practice. Somedays you might not want to, but if you want to get better you should schedule specific practice times. Pick a date (or many dates) and time to get out there and ride for a few hours. When the time comes, get out there and get riding. These forums are a wonderful place to talk with alot of really great people, but talking here isnt going to make you better. Get out there and ride every chance you get. Good luck, and I wish you nothing but success.

thank you for all your helpfull post:D

i think what this kid is trying to say is that he dosnt really want any help on unicycling but he didnt just want to say “hi i am new”

There are billions and billions of threads related to noob help. So if you search, then I’m sure you will find your noob thread.

dont be afraid to fall. ride about 10% out of your comfort zone and you will improve like lightening! but make sure to wear the proper safety equipment :slight_smile:


good unicycler,

Did total uni give you the user name and password or are you just talking to yourself?.

Inquiring minds want to know.:wink:

i gave it to him

yes he did give it to me becuase i cant make a new one.
so it would be great if someone would fix that so i could make my own.

If you live in Santa Barbara you have extrodinary Muni trails there in the hundreds and a handful of hard core riders who Muni all the time. Check the local website: SBUC.ORG. There’s a mailing list where the riders post where they are going to ride during the week and weekends.

I live 90 minutes away and drive up on weekends. If you live there, you’re basically in Muni nirvana, so enjoy it. With the abundance of technical trails up there, it’s just a matter of time before the area produces a few true prodigies–you may be one of them.


Re: im new

play unihoki
it is the quickest way to get sooo much better at riding
it’s like practise but u don’t even notice that u’re doing it

I saw good unicycler’s post in the Requests forum and still don’t get it. Can someone who is a member here give out usernames and passwords?

Klaas Bil

ride with a friend a learn together. don’t try to learn alone that not even fun.


ok. the problem has been fixed and i have made a new account.