I'm new

Hi I’m new to this forum. I have been riding for a couple of years and am 15. So introducing me and all that. I have a torker tx, a torker cx 24" a torker lx 20" and a nimbus 26" muni. I’m not advanced, but I can free mount, ride, turn, and hop low obstacles (about 6" or something like that). I live in the United States (specifically southern IL, please comment if you live nearby). About the only thing that I do with my unicycles currently is ride around town with my German Shepherd, but I’d like to try my Muni on some trails come spring.

I’m in illinois too. I live south of joliet and I normally just ride up and down mys street.

Cool, but we are on opposite ends of the state.

Where are you at?

Southern Illinois. I live near Carbondale and SIU.