I'm new

Ok so i just got my first uni. and have only rode like 2-3 hours but i cant seem to get it down i either go to fast and fall forward or to slow and fall backwards what do i need to do to just keep going i can go for about 10 feet and then i fall am i doing something wrong or do i just need to keep trying?

I am still a new unicyclist, but I can say that if you are persistant you will learn how to do it faster than you think. I guess you could say that the first 5-10 hours of practice will make you very good at dismounting. I started at the begining of the summer on an old 20" schwinn, and now I have a 24 MUni, and a 29’er that I ride 4 miles to work every day.

I don’t know where I read it, but someone had the advice: it’s not about staying on top of the uni, it’s about keeping it under you. For some reason this little tip seems to make sense to me, and maybe it will help.

Its been a long time ago, but as I remember one of the things that helped me most when I was at your stage was to set goals. I’m talking about something as simple as setting a small rock at the farthest point you’ve reached. Try to get just 1/2 rotation past that rock. Focusing forward on that specific point will help to keep you from thinking too much about all the other stuff. Soon, probably very soon, you will suddenly triple your previous record for distance. Its amazing, like a switch gets thrown and deep down your brain just gets it.
Good luck, keep looking forward, not down.


That is really good progress for 2-3 hours of time that you’ve put in! Keep at it. You’re teaching your muscles and it just takes repetition. Then it’ll be muscle memory and if you’re like many of us… you’ll have better balance on your uni than on your feet :smiley:

And welcome to the boards!