I'm New to the List - Personal Introduction

I’m brand new to this list, so I might as well introduce myself, and I’m fairly
new to unicycling as well.

I’ve been unicycling for almost 6 months now and I’ve been mountain unicycling
for about 3 of those 6 months. I started out as a mountain biker and while at
the Toronto Bike Show earlier this year a friend and I saw a bunch of
unicyclists playing basketball and hockey (they were the Toronto Unicyclist).
Now, I had seen North Shore Extreme vol. III several months earlier which had
Kris Holm in it, so I knew the possibilities of doing things on a unicycle were
pretty much endless. However, I had no intention of getting on a unicycle at the
bike show (it just seemed too difficult), until the friend I was with persuaded
me and so began my quest into the world of unicycling.

Needless to say, I didn’t look as good as Kris on that unicycle the first day
(and still don’t :-), but it was fun falling on my face and soon became a
challenge that intrigued me. Both my friend and myself purchased unicycles 2
days after the bike show from Darren Bedford (The one who heads the Toronto
Unicyclists and has a stash of unicycles) and started meeting weekly with the
Toronto Unicyclists. A bit of practice and three weeks later I could actually
stay on the unicycle for extended periods of time. A couple weeks later I joined
them in one of their unicycle basketball games (I even got a basket). It was a
ton of fun!

The progression to MUni was only natural seeing that I was a cross country
mountain biker that raced regularly. So, I put a knobby tire on the 24’ uni with
4’ cranks and hit some trails. Wow it was tough and very tiring. After a couple
more MUni rides on the thing I discovered Unicycle Source and bought myself a
Pashley. My first ride on it was amazing, I went longer than before and it was
less difficult. I rode as often as I could on it (3 - 4 times a week). I started
riding my unicycle in the halls at work and at company social events. It’s a
great conversation starter :slight_smile:

After doing MUni solo all this time, as very few of the Toronto Unicyclists
actually MUni (I think a couple of them are now interested), I turned to the web
and found John Foss’s unicycling.com site which made mention of an event held
annually, the California/Nevada Mountain Unicycle Weekend. I thought, ‘Wow, this
is great … it’s coming up soon, I’m due for a vacation and what better place
to ride than California and Nevada!’.

IT WAS A BLAST! Thanks John! The pictures are great, I’m going to have some up
within a week or so.

And that pretty much sums up my unicycle experience until now (except for the
first time I saw UNIVERSE, but I’ll save that for another post). My first post
and I’ve probably already hit my content quota for the next month. :slight_smile:


Thanks to Kris for pointing this list out to me.