Im new to one wheel riding

Hey everyone
Ive been biking all my life and a lot of urban assault, downhill and freeride lately. I have wanted a unicycle for a long time and I am finally going to buy one. Im am looking to buy a Torker LX but I am not sure whether to buy the 20" wheel or the 24". What would you guys say? Im going to use this cycle just to learn to ride and maybe after i get all the basics down I will do some freeride kind of things (stairs and small drops ect). I will probably even do some longer rides but I am not entirley sure yet. Any suggestions for a new guy are welcome. Thanks a lot

If you’re gonna punish the uni at all (esp. urban assault style) I’d recommend a model with a splined crankset (like the Torker DX, Qu-Ax, KH or Profile). You can do small drops with a non-splined crankset but you run the risk of breaking something (on the unicycle). If you’ve got the money it’s worth the investment, IMHO.

i saw 24 inch lx. don’t worry about spending the money on a better uni just yet. wait until you know what you wanna do wth it, and what your budget is. I suggest the 24 over the 20 because you can go longer/faster on it, and if you wanna do distances at all a 20 inch wheel is pretty hellish. plus a 24 is better for muni and such. once you figure out how to ride and what kinda riding you wanna do next, then buy a better uni. if you’re into trials, or muni, or distance, or whatever most you can then make a more informed purchase. ie trials, muni, 29er, coker. splines or not…