I'm new... any buying advice?

Hi… anyone got any buying advice? I just want to buy a unicycle, under £140. I want a 20" trials one preferably Qu Ax. On Ebay there is a Qu Ax muni (20") for £140 (including P&P) is there anywhere cheaper on the internet? (i’m in the UK)… please help!

Can you already ride?
If not I would suggest buying something cheaper to learn on, I learnt on one of these and it’s still going strong, although doesn’t get ridden very often as I now have two other unis.
I’m about 12 stone in weight and this uni worked fine for me.
One thing, if you do get the bug, an expanding stable of machines is almost guaranteed.


Yes… I can ride… and I am not thinking on splashing out on a stable of unicycles anytime soon… therefore I don’t want a beginner one!

anyone know of a cheap place on the internet to buy qu ax 20" muni?

i get all my stuff from unicycle.com i don’t know if they are the cheapest but they got a great selection and excellent service. If you call them they could probably lead you in the right direction. 1-800-UNICYCLE

(man that was like a commerical)

That’s the same as this one, 120 quid plus postage here.


On unicycle.com, it says this is “not for serious jumping”, dunno what that means. It doesn’t have a proper trials tyre either, it has a 20" tyre not the 19" ones that trials unicycles use.

The one linked below is the same price and would be better, as it has a proper trials tyre, although again it’s a lightweight hub, so not so strong as a full on trials unicycle.




We sell an inexpensive 20" trials uni that might fill the bill but we don’t normally ship outside the United States. If you’re interested let me know and I can calculate shipping costs. At the moment we only have one in stock.

If it’s the one in the picture, it’s not a splined hub, and not a seat with a handle, you’d need to upgrade the seat to a KH before you could do any trials on it, and it’d be pretty weak. Given the postage from US->UK, the Qu-ax ones are a much better deal.



What is the differences between these 2? I’ve been on the 1st one before.

bmxes use a rim called a 20", with a tyre on the outside called a 20" tyre. That’s what comes on the unicycle you linked first.

Trials bikes use a 19" rim, with a tyre that on the outside that confusingly is sometimes also called a 20" tyre, because the outside diameter of the tyre is the same. However, because the rim is an inch smaller, the tyre has a larger volume, making it better for hops and drops.

The one you linked comes with a 20" rim, the SE one that I linked comes with a 19" rim. The 19" rim is what people usually use for trials, because it’s better for hopping. The SE one will be more like a trials unicycle than the other one.

It appears to cost the same too, which is a bonus.


So would you recomend No2?

Hey… turnes out that that unicycle was a mistake! They puut it on the production line with £60’s worth of parts for the same price as the normal one! I got the last in stock!