im new and never unicycled before plz help

i need 2 know something about the torker lx…i heard alot of ppl saying its a great starter unicycle and it prolly is but is it a confortable ride on the balls or do i need 2 buy like and air saddle or somthing 2 improve the ride plz reply becouse i dont want 2 buy it and have its strain me if you know wut i mean

Never ownd one, but i did own the savage( king of uncomfortable seats).
A seat wont hurt the baggage if you dont seat on it( your balls)
It could hurt you thies thow.

Re: im new and never unicycled before plz help

this is RSU type stuff

anyways, you’ll be fine for learning. Once you start going longer distances and when you get better, you’ll want to get a better seat and bike shorts.

I can ride my 20" LX 2miles without complaint. The Torker LX saddle is just like the Miyata, except black.

The seat’s fine

I have a 24" LX and I love my seat. Your balls won’t hurt as long as you adjust how you’re sitting before you start riding, but after a while the insides of your thighs will hurt. That happens to everybody because you don’t normally use those muscles. They’ll strengthen over time, and then it’s a great saddle. Before you buy the unicycle, consider your options. You could get a 24", which is good for beginners mountain unicycling, freestyle, and just riding to school or whatever, or you could get the 20", which is best for learning, a little muni, and is a lot lighter and better for jumping if you think you will want to get into trials or street. I have had experience with both, and since I love jumping so much, I like the 20 more. Just make sure that after you have bought it, you tighten the pedals into the crank really tightly, because if they’re loose, then it will wobble around and strip the crank.
Good luck;) ,