I'm moving to Colorado

So…I put in my two weeks notice at my job last week. I am going to move out to Colorado with not much of a plan. I will most likely end up in Denver or Boulder, I am going to be checking out apartments in both areas and subsequently looking for a job. I am sort of doing both right now though, but I will have a lot more time to dedicate to looking for housing and finding a job once I leave my job on the 15th and have some free time.

I have a lot saved up because I have been thinking about a move for quite a long time now, so I should be quite fine without a job for some time while I explore.

Anyway, I have messaged a few unicyclists already in the area and I am looking forward to meeting the rest of the CO riders. I will be out that way in late October/November, and it would be great to meet up for some rides (maybe in the snow?).

If you have any recommendations on…well anything, let me know. I am looking at some 1 BR places in Denver/Capitol Hill and some rooms in Boulder. I hear that Boulder is quite the Tech bubble, and Denver seems to have plenty of Web jobs, so I figure either way I’ll find a web development job eventually in either location.

Right now, I am leaning towards Denver for the centralized location (since I don’t know where I’ll be working yet), but I loved Boulder when I visited and it seemed like a cyclists paradise there. Any thoughts?

So…whats up Colorado? Lets ride!!!

Sweeeet whats up?? how about snow and golden aspens. High country riding is pretty much out, but anything below 10,000’ is still rideable. North sides between 8,000- 10,000 will have snow and ice on them. Time to start thinking about Fruita, and the incredible seasonal change that is happening as I write this.
Congrats on the move, the front range also has some good solar work going on, if that interest you.
Looking forward to uni’ing w/ya, hit it hard next spring for sure. The front range is whole different animal then where I live, I hear good riding most of the year.

Let me know if you come to Boulder. I ride the local trails almost every weekend. Some of the trails dry out in only a day or two after the snow melts, so I ride all year.

I’m probably the only real rider in Colorado that does trials street and flat.
So if you ever hit up Fort Collins (an hour from denver) let me know.


Where the crap do you live???

Awesome. Yeah I would definitely be up for another Colorado National Monument ride. Moab is only 5-6 hours away as well, so I am sure I will hit up some muni out there. Now that I am moving somewhere with serious mountains, I will get a wheel smaller than a 29er for muni.

Great. I am up in the air about Denver or Boulder. I read in a different thread that you don’t own a car and just cycle everywhere. That sounds like the lifestyle I want, and Boulder definitely seems the place to do it.

I’ll be sure to PM you when I know when I’ll be going through.

Yeah… get a decent camera so you can give Aspen Mike a good run for his money on the ‘pictures of your latest ride’ thread :smiley:

Other than that, good luck with the move and job hunting and stuff. I’m sure you’ll have loads of fun exploring all the new places to ride.


Don’t really have much advice to offer, just a Good Luck with the move! I hope it goes smoothly!


Give a call/PM when you arrive.
You are going to love it here.


Colorado? Right direction, just not enough distance!

There are a lot of riders here that won’t be found on the forums.

Hi! Colorado is a good place to live. good for you to move here.

hungry4uni, i am on my way to becoming a street rider! well i still have A LOT of work to do but thats ok!

The landscape is changing daily

hurry, things are changing fast around here, this is from today:)

I’m psyched to have another 36er guni on the front range. And don’t get rid of that 29er yet…AspenMike taught me the hard way that there is a lot of long, smooth high alpine single track that is perfect for the 29er!


Yeah, when I first drive out there I will only be bringing the “essentials”:
-36er guni
-touring bicycle
-air mattress, sleeping bag/camping pad.

That should keep me going for quite some time while I figure things out, then I’ll go back and get the rest of my stuff. Woo.

James. Good luck on your move and resettlement.

Golden has some pretty good trails, and I get to ride em all here at the colorado school of mines :~) If you’re ever in the area give a holler (it’s directly west of denver, and 20 mins south of boulder if you didn’t know)

Hey, i just learned you were leaving from your friend stephanie i met last night.

we should maybe go to fountainhead or wakefield once before you go, with Max and whoever else is around.