I'm looking to muni around the world...

College graduation is coming up this Spring and I figured what better to do with a BS in Computer Science than spend six months municycling around the world. As of now, the sky (and the ocean) is the limit. I’m up for riding anywhere exciting so I’m looking for suggestions.

Thanks for any help,


Welcome to the forum! How long have you been riding?

I can’t help thinking that it would take way more then 6 months to unicycle around the world.

Do you mean you would try to ride “short” distances in a line then fly to another country and ride again?

When you do the ride, try to keep us posted on your progress!

I presume you mean spots to ride at various places around the world? I suggest Mount Snowdon in North Wales, it is pretty much THE benchmark for Muni in the UK, it’s the British Moab. There is a voluntary cycling ban from easter until early october so you’d have to get in there fairly quick in the spring.If you’re lucky i might even take a trip down there to show you around :slight_smile:

In New Zealand- some of my favourite must do places:
Wellington- lot’s of variety, everything you could possibly want
Queenstown/Central Otago- just plain beautiful. Try heli-unicycling
Queen Charlotte- 70km continuos singletrack!
Rotorua- Purpose built MTB trails- site of the 2006 MTB World Champs

And lot’s of places in between

You should get in touch with Unicycle.com. They know some guy who idled around the world… you could probably do the same:

Yeah, but it must have been on a custom uni that wheel has to be at last a couple of kilometers in diameter… :roll_eyes:

Jack, if you decide to come by Vancouver drop us a line (www.vanuni.com) and we can take you to some of the North Shore trails…

Try and vist europe next summer, you could take in Eurocycle AND unicon and there are lots of nice and interesting places to ride and people to ride with.


Some of the nice rustic Washington forest trails are great. I’d contact John Childs about it.

Id suggest you Europe where there is alot of history so somewhere like France and England … The rocky mountains in Canada China would be interesting too and maybe somewhere hot like Mexico :stuck_out_tongue:

the canadian rockies are the way to go!

Thanks! I first placed foot on a uni about two years ago but have only gotten really into it in the last one year. I bought one uni in that first year and just bought my fifth three days ago.

Sorry about the lack of clarification but yes I did mean I intend to ride in various locations all over the world. I mentioned the idea of “riding around the world” to a friend and he suggested hitching a ride on some oil freighters so i could just ride back and forth as they take me from continent to continent. That way I could literally ride around the world. However, I think I will pass on that.

Thanks to everyone for your quick responses and I look forward to more posting on this great forum.

When and where is Eurocycle in 2006?

Well, you could do like Erik Roseman, but for six months it might get a bit boring, and you have to pick your season carefully.


It’s June 14-18, 2006 in Altenstadt, Germany. Details at: http://www.einradsport.de/Verein/default.php?page=7&lang=en

I’d go to the Alps and stay there.

There’s many years worth of amazing big mountain muni riding, it’s easy to get by even if you only speak English and there’s trains right into the mountains so no hassle getting around. Outside the very popular areas, there’s almost no rules as to which mountain tracks bikes or unicycles are allowed on. If you’re lazy, there’s lifts and heli-biking and buses up hills and various other ways to avoid having to ride the uphills. Whilst it’s a pretty wild area, the tops of many of the mountains have restaurants and hostels on them.

Personally I think while travelling loads round the world is great fun in a way, you’d get much more both culturally and riding wise out of riding a season in a single large area. Travelling to loads of places in a short time would just mean you’d get to see the surface of what’s there and spend an awful lot of time on planes and in airports.


Surely there’s just as much history in America? I mean chances are however the two land masses were formed, they were both formed around the same time?

Idled? That would be a difficult way to make progress- must have been a super idle. You must be referring to Wobbling Wally Watts perhaps- as he is the only one I’ve heard of who unicycled around the world. I’m a bit late in replying though since it has been clarified that circumnavigating the earth is not the objective. Gain some inspiration from Wobbling Wally though- his ride would be a hard one to follow.