I'm looking for a picture.

I’m looking for a picture.
its of three guys with backpacks that all have MUni’s on them, and they’re hiking up some mountain in the snow. its taken from right behind them.
anyone seen it?

[post=669613]I already found it for you.[/post]

Hey! Thats me, Dave and Alex! Awesome! I’ll ask Dave if he can get a better resolution shot for you if you want, he should have the original file somewhere…


aha, thanks!!
a higher resolution picture would be really awesome if you could get it.

I just found the high-res version, how do i get it to you? It’s 1600x1200 628kb shot on a 3.2 megapix camera.

you can e-mail it to me, address is in the signature in red and blue.

Consider it done, what do you want it for incidentally?