I'm Looking at a Freestyle Unicycle....

Hi Im looking at buying a freestyle unicycle, and the Nimbus II looks pretty good for freestyle/flatland.
Does anyone have this Uni and what do you think about it? Do you think this is a good choice or should i buy something else?
I have a Qu-Ax 20" Trials, An old Schwinn 24", A Torker Tx 5’ Giraffe, And a learner Uni, a Torker Cx (now my sisters).
Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Looks like a great collection of parts for the price. One of the factors for Freestyle is foot grip/comfort on the fork crown. I don’t have experience with that frame so I can’t comment, but it looks like your foot will definitely stay on there. Future upgrades to that cycle might involve a front bumper without handle, a non-quick release clamp (if it’s gouging your legs) and maybe a lower-profile seat. But for the price, that looks like a really well-equipped ride!

I suggest the new nimbus longneck 20" unicycle.

It is about $180, has a nice longneck frame, and is a great unicycle. I have one.

In regards to the the thread title, I was gonna say, “I’m looking at a computer monitor…” although I too look at my unicycles quite often. :stuck_out_tongue:

ive got a nimbus 2, it is a great ride, it is very smooth and also great to learn on :D. but yeah, just one minux, today the bearings in a pedal kinda broke, a bit but i just got some new $20 alloy ones.

uhm i’d recommend the nimbus X 20"… better frame the nimbus II…

Sorry for late reply, Im on vacation but what are the advantages of a “longneck” Unicycle compared to a short necked Uni :thinking:

no seatclamp in the way.