I'm large, I'm new, and my savage isn't so great.

What are the available options to support a 280 lb new rider? I looked at the reccomended cycle for large adults at unicycle.com. It runs about 300 us dollars.
Quite a step up from my 99 dollar savage, but doable with some advance planning.

I’ve broke my pedal off twice, srtipped the threads, so I’ve got it welded on now. Two tubes have had stem issues in the last 24 hours.

As far as my ability, I’ve had a couple 100 foot rides and pulled off my first freemount last night. I can get up on the cycle freemount, but I can’t always ride off.

it depends on what you want to be doing on your unicycle. there are plenty of cycles out there for less than $300, but it just depends on what you are doing.

I think the classifications that unicycle.com puts on their unicycles are rather silly. The Torker LX for $99 is as strong as the $260 United. Both are way stronger than any Savage.

Ill check out a torker lx, I keep hearing good stuff about them.

You might consider the Torker Unistar DX unicycles.

The current versions are Trials and Muni. If you can find a first generation DX they were more of a bomb-proof freestyle uni.

Yeah, both of those dx’s from torker look sweet. I think ill plan on getting the 24" muni style, as my current 20’ is about walking speed when I’m on it.

for 300 $ rather than getting a cotterles one you could get a torker dx
still 48 spoke. and also splined

Are you pinned down for a 20"? I’m running about 235 and got a 24" Onza last June. It’s been holding up absolutely great. Granted, I’m not doing drops but I’m putting a load of miles on it. The rim is even still true. One thing to think about, crank strength is important for folks like us.

Hey, Congrats on your freemount!!