I'm kind of worried about my unicycle ...

i’m worrying that i’m hurting my unicycle. i’m doing trials-type jumps and drops with a cyclepro 20" unicycle. it’s not really meant for trials, just for learning. i have my eye on a trials uni but i won’t be able to get it until beginning of july, if then. so i want mine to last. the thing is, i want to do trials. i’m doing maximum 1 foot drops and 8" jumps right now, but how much do you think i could do? is this too much already?

I dont think your gonna hurt it. I weigh 230lbs and i was doing 1fott drops on my generic uni forever and its still in great working order. I think you’ll be fine.


okay, do you know about how big drops/jumps i can do? i weigh about 100 lb.

I don’t think you’ll hurt it by doing 1 ft drops because i did like 3 and a half ft drops on my torker before i had my trials and i didn’t really hurt it at all but im 11 and i weigh only 85 lbs so maybe your max drop might be like 1 ft to 2 ft.It kinda matters how much you weigh.

i way 150 and ive done 3-4 foot drops on aa torker lx, if you roll out(hit the ground and immediately roll) or seat out(use body like a spring) youll be fine

If your uncle is a rider, maybe sweet talk him. Tell him that you love riding and want to do more trials, don’t want to hurt his uni etc, Can he go halves with you.

Maybe he’ll be sympathetic!

Also, it is very respectful of you not to want to damage his uni. That’s the responsible way to borrow something. :slight_smile: .

I just re read your post. I see that mine m

just make sure you try to roll out of your hops.

instead of just landing ‘plop’ on your cranks at horizontal, the way they were when you started the drop, make you sure you pedal out of the jump as soon as you touch the ground. that will transfer your impact forward instead of just down, and your cranks and rim (that come on basic unicycles) will thank you for it

but at a 100 pounds, i’m not sure you could bend the cranks if you tried :slight_smile:

i did like 3 foot drops for a little bit, but it didnt last long. it twisted my hub and cranks after a while on my generic uni. ide say to just use this one to get really good balance. learn to ride one footed backwards, all the free style type stuff untill you get a trials. that stuff takes more time for me to learn. i wish thats what i had did