im in rut on gliding

Im in a rut.I cant figer it out on how to get my feet up on da frame, when im goin down a hill i fall forward.I jus got 1 footed riding down pat.So does anyone know how to glide? :angry:

i can glide but i cant help you on how to get both your feet up. i always start from a 1 ft ww. even before that though i had learned a ww perfectly. so my advice learn ww/1 ft ww first and then go from there.


ok i guess ill just keep tryin

The Unicyclopedia’s freestyle section has some stuff on ww, 1ftww, and gliding which you may find useful. WW and 1ftww definitely come first. Getting into gliding straight from riding takes a lot of work, but if you want to glide seriously, you should definitely learn it. It’s the only was to get much distance for flatland gliding.

Thats a nice site you got there jsm.

It’s not really my site, although I wrote most of the freestyle section. The site was actually established by “ulph” or Ulf Karlsson from Sweden. The site is in the Wiki format, so that anyone can edit it, if they have any useful information at all. Please take some time to do this, if you can, everyone.

Here’s a method that was my key to success: first learn wheelwalk and then one-foot wheelwalk. After that find a nice, steep enough hill (preferably asphalt, and don’t forget the protection gear! if there’s one trick you need those on, this is it). Get into 1ft-ww and keep kicking, and when you feel gravity taking over, ease your foot and let it slide on the tire. You should have a very light touch on the tire, and hold your foot on the tire like a ballet dancer. It takes LOTS of swetty training but you’ll soon find that you can do it farther and farther, and eventually it will go like nothing.

very important. i have been doing even mroe practicing with gliding (on a really steep hill) and i have fallen about 4 hard times in the past week.

i fell like a few days ago, and right as i fell, some dude were coming up the hill andhtey started honking at me! i there i was laying i nthe road, and they could have jsut went around me. once again im rambling so ill end this post.


yeah, don’t worry about gliding until you get up to wheelwalking at leas, and probably one foot wheelwalking. I’m no expert, I can’t do any of the above, but it just makes sense.

It looks like your original question was how to get your feet up on the frame, so I’ll try to answer that one for you.

Let’s assume your good foot is your right.

  1. As your left foot is in the down position bring your right up to the wheel.
  2. 1 foot ww.
    3.Bring your left foot up to rest on the frame.

The way i described it is kinda sloppy becasue it sounds like you take a little bit of time to go through it, but they should all be one little motion. Right foot, Left foot up done! Remember it takes practice just keep at it.

You fell right in the middle of the road, and got mad at a car for honking? They could have killed you, you’re lucky they stopped.