I'm in Prague, unicycle-less!

I probably should’ve posted my first thread when someone in Prague would actually be able to see it :o I’ll be here for a week, and having a unicycle would be very useful. Does anybody have a spare Uni I could borrow until about the 14th?

Prague! Sweet! I heard it’s the best city to travel to in all of Europe!:smiley:

Too bad I can’t help…I’m sort of on the other side of the world…:frowning:

Yeah, it’s a pretty good city so far. Lots of graffiti, though. I went to Berlin and Munich last May, and they were terrifically clean. Lots of -walking-, too… sigh

Prague is excellent.

We could go for a ride together if you want, I have two unicycles. Also, there’s a ride in a hall every week, where Prague riders meet. There’s generally quite a bit of trials going on, but people ride other styles too. It’s usually on Wednesday at 18:00.

I’ll pm you my phone number.

Hmm, if you missed this message, I’m gonna be doing some flyering work around theatre Hybernia on Nam. Republiky tomorrow from 2 to 8. I’ll have my uni with me, so I’ll be easy to spot.

I couldn’t get to my computer until just now, sorry - my dad woke me up and got going really early, and we walked around all day. I’ll probably call you tomorrow afternoon, if I can.

I went out and looked for you every hour and a half or so after 2:30 (I’m staying in the Hilton right down the street), but didn’t see you at all. Tomorrow and Wednesday afternoon are very open for me though, so hopefully I’ll be able to go to that weekly meeting.

Should’ve called me. I was all around the place, on Vaclavske, Staromestske and Karlov Most. I’m working tomorrow again, but don’t know if I’ll have my uni yet. I’ll tell you the definite time for Wednesday.

There’ll be a ride at the hall tomorrow on Krizikova 45 tomorrow at 18:00. If you want to go, call me and we can meet somewhere, I can bring a unicycle for you and show you where the hall is.