i'm in need of a tough seatpost, what are my options?

ok so after bending my 3rd kh forged seatpost i think it’s time to spend a lil bit more money and get something that i can rely on. i’ve often heard good things about rail type seat posts and was wondering how the kh adjustable rail post http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=1274 would hold up to my big street riding? if that’s not a good option could someone please recommend something that is going to work really well?

The KH post is OK, but not bombproof. What you really want is a Thomson Elite.

is it compatible with a uni seat or do i have to get an adapter, if i need an adapter which do you recommend?

It’s a bicycle rail seat post; any rail adapter will work.

the only ones they have on udc seem to have extensions for handles and brake levers i don’t need that. is there a simpler on or am i just looking in the wrong spot?

I don’t think there’s currently a simple rail adapter in production.

If you don’t need the brake lever mount just cut it off. A hacksaw will do the job just paint over the raw metal afterward to prevent it rusting.

from unicycle.com.


if you get a Thomson Elite seat post with a rail adapter and you broke 3 KH forged seatpost, you’ll break the rails on the rail adapter for sure.
I dont know about the PitfighterII, it has little triangles on the seat post so it might be better.

i’ve never broken a post, only bent them. all at the spot that the post connects to the seat. i’ve heard about the pitfighter, any place to buy one in the US?

ok, well then you’ll bent the rails anyway. www.renegadejuggling.com is in the US and sells K-1 stuff.

e-mail renegadejuggling.com

The Pitfighter II is stronger than the original, yet still light. It is pretty expensive though ($80?).

The Qu-Ax reinforced Al post is strong and reasonably light. (UDC US seems to be out atm)

The '09 KH posts are supposed to be stronger than before. I’d get the standard post, not the pivoting one.

The most durable is possibly a chromo post. Cody Williams welded reinforcements front and back, like the Pitfighter II and I think he rode it for over 2 years w/o it ever breaking (he replaced the whole uni last fall).

i’ve got a kh 20 and can roll out just fine, when i land a trick. usually my seatpost bendage comes from flipping or spinning a ledge, gap, or drop, missing the pedals and landing with all my weight on the front part of the saddle. these kinds of accidents are getting to be few and far between as i’ve gotten better at bailing and more consistant with all my tricks, but hey; accidents happen.

Get the pitfighter II its very strong, and wont cost you an arm in a leg, and wont make you have to modify your uni

Yeah, 3 bent kh forged posts?

That doesn’t sound right. I haven’t bent a single one, while I did break one, and I’ve broken/bent dozens of other posts. I am on my second KH forged post, and it’s holding up fine (though that may be because I don’t really do many sideflip tricks anymore since I broke my cf base and am riding a plastic base, so I’m more careful to not break it). I have not seen or heard of any case, up until now, of any kh forged post BENDING, while there have been a few (though little) cases of it simply breaking.

For a strong, affordable post, I would recommend a KH forged post. Maybe check if the posts you bent were actually KH forged posts? Aluminum posts in general don’t really bend, but break fairly often, so it’s hard to believe that you’ve actually bent 3 KH forged posts. But hey, if you did, then you did. Go for an expensive Thomson or something.

And yeah, Cromo posts are weak. I’ve broken those in less than 3 weeks. I don’t think that in the past two years, a Cromo post has ever lasted me more than 2-3 months, while I’ve gone through at least 4.

i’ve been riding for 7 years, i know how to ride, but like i already said once, messing up on a 3spin down a 4 stair can cause things to bend.

Have you considered using a piece of “black pipe” as it’s termed at the local hardware store? It’ll weigh about eight lbs but your a$$ will probably break before it does! :wink:

I ran one on my BMX for a while after bending a few posts - It lasted the life of the bike. It was the “DIY from junk in the shed” repair that lasted longer than it should have.