I'm in love with a guy (tire) named Larry!!!!

Ok, I never thought I would buy a $90+ tire but after riding a fellow Portland uni-er’s Conundrum with the 3.8 Larry tire… I had tire envy!
First impression… Holy crap, that’s a fat tire!
I was a little worried that road crown and various trail angles would be hard to overcome with a tire that fat. In addition, I was a little worried that I’d have a problem with more technical stuff as I am just starting to ride more tech stuff. Neither of these concerns came to fruition though. The tire felt just as easy to turn, balance and as responsive as my IRC Kujo 3.0.
I’m running it at around 18-20psi because I need to ride uphill on the road to go to my local trail. Having a fat tire that has an effective diameter of 29" is awesome and having a fat, airy tire underneath me is absolutely fabulous on the trails. I’m sold… I have been riding steeper, rootier, and rockier trails than I was able to ride before gettng Larry… I’m in love! :slight_smile:
at 200lbs and fairly heavy on my equipment, the Larry/ Large Marge combo is a winning combo. Well worth the money, I will definitely be replacing Larry with another one when I wear through it.


The Larry intrigues me and I might just get one when I have the frame and rim to handle it.

Only concern I have is does it fold easily? I might see if I can get a cheep second hand endo before dropping the cash on a Larry and see how I like the feel. (They have the same casing but the Larry has a rounder more aggressive tread)

Interesting. That would be nice with the Triton frame… But I’ll try some other tires with my current KH26 frame and TryAll rim first. Chances are that I won’t ever ride a Triton or a Larry. I wonder which LM rim it is that everyone puts on their munis. Because I saw that there are two different versions: one xc with a lot of drill outs in the inside wall and the undrilled heavy one. I think I would want it drilled.

I have a couple of pics that I’ll post a bit later. I have 2 conundrum/large Marge set ups My 24" has the downhill rim and the 26" has the XC rim. I love the XC rim and the only difference I see is in weight.
As far as the sidewalls… This was an act of faith, I was worried about it. I haven’t tried an endomorph because it got such bad reviews for MUni. I specifically tried to roll over rock and roots at weird angles to see if the sidewalls would give… I didn’t notice it at all, in fact, there’s this steep gully on the side of some stairs on mt. Tabor that gave me problems until I tried it with Larry. Like I said… I love this tire and at 200lbs, I have noticed no negative differences compared to the other 3.0 tires I had (mainly the duro).
Pics later…

Ahhh the Triton Frame…
I had to spend my Ti frame $$ on my cat… maybe in May :slight_smile:
That being said, as soon as I get one, I’ll have a 24", 26" and soon to build a 29" wheelset for the triple mounted Triton frame; it’ll be sweet.

Now… if Triton would just hurry up with the quick release bearing holders and come up with a workable quick release Magura mount :slight_smile:


Here are some non-riding pics:

holy heck thats fat.

Yes sir… it is… and it floats my 200lb ass nicely on all types of terrain :slight_smile:

I want one for my 24" but Getting one to NZ will be hard…

Getting a 24" Larry to NZ will be more than hard…

your only option for an aggressive uber-wide 24" tire would be to make a frankentire like the one I mentioned in my 2.1+2.1=3.1 thread.

yea. I’m pretty fine with my Duro wildlife…

yup… they don’t make a 24" Larry. If they did, I’d put one on my 24" conundrum…

Are the Conundrum and Triton the only frames that can fit a Larry tire on LM rim?

the Koxx Monster 26" frame fit it also, but there you need the Tensil Offset Brake mount when using Magura.
sorry for bad Koxx pic but I didn´t find an other at the moment
the tire at the Triton pics is the endomorph…at the Koxx a 3" Gazza

When I finally get a Triton frame… I may be selling my Conundrum 26" frame (I’m going to keep the 24", I think) :slight_smile:

Damn, you have expensive cats there. haha :slight_smile:

Yup… I spent over $2000 on him and he still died :frowning:

Oh…sorry :frowning:

No problem… except now I want to punch cancer in the face! I lost a dog 4 years ago to cancer

Cancer… if you’re listening… I’m going to punch you in the face! :smiley: