I'm in LA today and tomorrow

I’m in Los Angeles today and tomorrow. Send me a PM if you can ride and have an extra wheel.

I’m staying near LAX. I arrive today at 12:30. I have to be in Oxnard by 4PM tomorrow. So any riding between those two times is possible.

I’ll check PMs again when my flight arrives.


Would love to go riding with you but we don’t have any extra muni! :frowning: We are actually going for a ride later this afternoon down by Laguna, probably around 4pm or so if you can find a uni. My number is 612-240-8786 in case you need to get ahold of me. Cheers.

Shoot, Eric. We went riding today in SB, and are going again on Sunday. You should get in touch with Largo, though, if it’s not too late. Call me if you want his number. My num is 760-420-0561.


Why did you give him your phone number? You could have just pm’ed him.

i know i didn’t give enough notice. and i need to bring a wheel. next time i’ll bring a wheel and give more notice.

early on thursday, i rented a two-wheeler at venice beach and rode around. also played on the swing-a-rings there. that was fun!

see you all next time!